Cloud solutions to meet all your needs

Our bare metal servers and private and public clouds are tailored to your IT infrastructure application needs and industry requirements.

Wherever you are, we have data centers nearby and a robust network to support you. As a global hyper-scale cloud leader, OVHcloud can spin up services on demand, wherever you need, whenever you need. Our solutions include hosted private cloud virtualization, flexible public cloud services and storage, high-performance dedicated servers, and private LANs or direct connections to your data centers. We’re the right partner for you.

We provide all the flexibility you need, including budget-friendly cost management options — most of our solutions are pay-as-you-go. We can also help you with speed to market, quick scalability, securing your data, and providing the best-in-class support. We’re a trusted cloud provider with a track record of dependable service.

Please select any of the solutions below to learn more about their benefits, read customer case studies, watch videos, and locate technical documentation, so you can get started today.

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