VPS options

Options available with your VPS

Reliable, continuous service availability

Additional IP

Hosting without interruptions.

With a VPS, you can use an additional IP to host your projects, SSL certificates, and more. The additional IP can be switched from one server to another in minutes. An account with an additional IP works without interruptions and is the best solution for handling hardware failures, overloaded applications, and other infrastructure problems.

An external storage space

The external additional disks for our VPS solutions are highly resilient, since the data is replicated three times within our infrastructures. They can be activated on demand, and you can increase your storage capacity.

50 GB $6.30 /month
100 GB $12.40 /month
200 GB $18.70 /month
500 GB $37.30 /month
OVHcloud Control Panel

VPS backups

Backing up your data is vital to a smooth recovery in the event of a technical failure or configuration error. We offer two methods for backing up your data:

Automatic backup

Starting at $3.70 /month

Keep your data safe and protected.

The auto-backup option helps you avoid this complexity. A backup of your VPS (excluding your additional disks) is scheduled daily, exported, then replicated three times before it becomes available in the OVHcloud Control Panel. Pricing is based on selected storage size.

Manual backup

Starting at $1.20 /month

Create and restore your snapshot.

For an efficient, affordable backup strategy, you can take snapshots of your virtual machine. Unlike a full backup, you do not need to lock your data to stop it from being modified over the course of the procedure. This means you will always have an integral restore point. Pricing based on selected storage size.

Use cases

OVHcloud VPS for Minecraft

A scalable, secure hosting solution for one of the world’s most popular online games, ideal for both gamers and hosting professionals.

Host a multisite WordPress setup

Effortlessly launch and manage your own ideal multisite setup in the cloud, for the best possible price.

VPS sandbox

Deploy a flexible virtual sandbox environment in minutes, speeding up the path from concept to production.

Your questions answered

What are additional IP addresses used for?

With additional IP addresses, you can have domains or game servers on unique IP's, optimize SEO, ex. you can have one domain name for each IP. This will boost their SEO ranking. Our VPS solutions are delivered with an IPv4 and IPv6 address. However, you can add up to 16 additional IPv4 addresses.

How does the Snapshot option work?

Snapshots are instantaneous images of your VPS, taken at a specific time. They can be compared to restore points. You can create a snapshot via the OVHcloud Control Panel, save it, then use it to restore your VPS. Your VPS will then be restored back to the state it was in when the snapshot was taken. Please note that when you restore a VPS from a snapshot, the snapshot is then deleted.

How does the Automated Backup option work?

You can use Automated Backup to schedule backups of your VPS (excluding additional disks). These backups are taken every day, for a rolling period of seven days. Your backups are exported to our infrastructure, and replicated three times across different servers. You can then use them at any time to restore your VPS.

How does the additional space option work?

It is a storage space that is separate to your VPS. You can use it to copy data — often backups — from your virtual private server. The additional space option can be compared to a new hard drive that you plug into your computer and partition then you can copy sensitive data onto. If you would like to automate backups of your data, you are responsible for configuring the system that will take the backups. You can choose to access this service via NFS or CIFS protocols.

What are the differences between Snapshot Backup and Automated Backup?

The Automated Backup option takes a daily backup of your VPS, which is replicated three times. You will always have access to seven different backups, corresponding to the most recent seven days of use. Snapshots are taken manually, at a specific point, by you. When a snapshot is used to restore your VPS, it is erased at the end of the process.