High performance object storage overview

An scalable, resilient and secure storage space

Upload your files to a space that you can access via HTTPS, using the OpenStack Swift API. Objects have a software layer that manages metadata, access permissions and intelligent behaviors directly, at the data level. It is the most suitable place to locate your static files for use by your applications, or simply to make them accessible on the web.

Use cases

How to

Create an object container (or bucket)

swift post repo01

Configure access permissions to make the container public

swift post repo01 --read-acl ".r:*"

Push a file into Object Storage

swift upload repo01 image.jpg

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Pricing Public Cloud

Object Storage Billing

The storage of objects is charged per GB, per hour. The displayed price indicates the cost of a full month of storage. Outgoing traffic from objects is also charged per GB.

What monthly availability commitment does OVHcloud offer for accessing the Object Storage service?

The Service Level Agreement (SLA) offers 99.9% monthly availability for accessing the Object Storage service. For further information, please refer to our SLA.

What monthly availability commitment does OVHcloud offer for data resilience on the Object Storage service?

The data resilience rate is 100% for the Object Storage service. For further information, please refer to our Service Level Agreement (SLA).

What is the difference between a file system and Object Storage?

There are many differences. The two most important differences are the use of Object Storage for static data only, and the unlimited storage space the solution offers.

What is the difference between Block Storage and Object Storage services?

The Block Storage service provides storage spaces that are sized as required, to be attached to an instance. This space will be managed by the instance's operating system. Object Storage provides unlimited space that will be managed directly by your application.

How do I access and/or manipulate data in Object Storage?

There are several ways of manipulating the data stored on Object Storage. To integrate this management directly into your application, you can use one of the available SDKs. You can also directly use a client that is available on the market.

What is the maximum authorised size for an object?

An object cannot exceed 5TB.

What is the limit for the volume of data that can be stored on Object Storage?

Virtually, there is no limit. In other words, OVHcloud manages the service, so that there is always space available.

What is Object Storage?

It is a technology that offers an online storage service. It is accessible via API, provides users with an unlimited amount of space to store data, and the Object Storage cluster is managed by the cloud provider. You can push all types of data into an Object Storage service.

How does Object Storage work?

An Object Storage service works in a cluster with a large number of storage servers sharing algorithms to ensure data resilience. The service places and indexes data depending on which spaces are available. A cluster can be enlarged at any time.