Scale Dedicated Servers

Increase Your Infrastructure Capacity

Implement your business strategy smoothly with peak performance and reliability.

Scale servers come equipped with top of the line AMD EPYC™ and Intel® Xeon® Gold processors. They include dedicated system disks, as well as redundant high-speed connectivity for better performance.

Scale servers can be adapted to a wide range of uses, including virtualization, big data, and critical databases.

Scale Dedicated Servers | OVHcloud

The advantages of a Scale server

High quality for high performance

Harness the power of OVHcloud expertise. We carefully select the best components on the market, then optimize them with intensive testing to give you unrivaled solutions. You can then focus on your core business, by relying on servers that can support strategic and varied workloads.

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Guaranteed high-speed connectivity

With four network links, servers from the Scale range guarantee availability and up to 25 Gbps* of throughput. With the OVHcloud Link Aggregation feature included, you can dedicate all or part of the links to your internal network (vRack), to ensure that data is transferred between servers within your infrastructure.

*The OVHcloud Link Aggregation feature must be enabled and configured to use all four network links.

A highly resilient infrastructure

Scale servers deliver an optimal balance of power and availability, with a 99.99% availability commitment. All platforms are based on an architecture with redundant electrical circuits, cooling system, network, and power supply.

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Choose the right server from a wide range of models and options.


IPv4 and IPv6 addresses

Each server has a public IPv4 address and an IPv6 address range. As an option, you can rent additional IPv4 addresses for your dedicated server (up to 256 per machine).


Your server has a default minimum public bandwidth of 1Gbps. Incoming and outgoing traffic is unlimited and free.

Service Level Agreement — 99.99%

All of the servers in this range have a 99.99% SLA, ensuring the best availability for your business applications.

vRack private network - 6Gbps - guaranteed and unlimited

Your server is delivered with our private physical network — vRack. This means you can create your own cluster, or include your server in an existing infrastructure. It is fully isolated from the internet, and delivered at no extra cost.

OVHcloud Link Aggregation

OVHcloud Link Aggregation (OLA) technology is designed by our teams to increase your server’s availability and boost the efficiency of your network connections. In just a few clicks, you can aggregate your network cards and make your network links redundant. This means that if one link goes down, traffic is automatically redirected to another available link.

Dual power supply (2xPSU)

Power supply is one of the key components of ensuring an infrastructure’s availability. Depending on how critical your project is, a dual power supply is an important aspect of avoiding any downtime. Service interruptions can prove costly in terms of both business and brand image.

Web hosting

With cheap bare metal servers, you can host your website and applications in a dedicated environment, where resources are entirely dedicated to you. This way you get all the benefits of powerful, reliable and scalable web hosting service, for less. 1Gbps public bandwidth included with all our servers.

Use cases

Big data and web analytics

Optimize your workloads and data analytics by creating clusters based on balanced, high-performance machines.


Choose the best database for you — with options such as MySQL, SQL Server, MongoDB, Redis, MariaDB, Cassandra, FileMaker and Postgre — with high-availability, high-performance servers.

Virtualization, containerization and orchestration

To meet the ever-increasing need for data, processing power and RAM, deploy virtual machines on 100% dedicated bare-metal resources.

Support and documentation

We offer a range of documentation and online support to assist you in setting up and configuring your dedicated server.

Guides and documentation


What should a Scale server be used for?

Scale servers are well-suited to complex organizations that require resource-intensive IT environments and quick scalability. With this new dedicated server range, you can run resource-intensive and varied workloads.

Where would my data be hosted?

Scale servers are deployed in our data centers across several continents. This means you can host your data in a data center to meet specific regulatory requirements, get improved performance, and minimize latency.

What is the vRack internal network?

To secure transmissions between machines within an infrastructure, it is important to use a secure, private physical network. You can use our vRack private network to connect all of your servers, and spread your workloads within a distributed cluster.

Are Scale servers ISO 27001 certified?

Scale dedicated servers are ISO/IEC 27001 certified, which demonstrates OVHcloud commitment to maintaining strict data security processes.