Managed Bare Metal

VMware virtualization managed and operated by OVHcloud

Your scalable dedicated cloud, hosted and monitored by OVHcloud, available in 90 minutes.

With Essentials, opt for highly available VMware virtualization and stay focused on your business.


Managed Bare Metal Essentials OVHcloud
An operational platform in a few hours OVHcloud

A working platform in just a few hours

Launch your Managed Bare Metal Essentials solution, and get fully-integrated virtual environments based on VMware. You can deploy your applications and websites in minutes, without needing to worry about the hardware and virtual infrastructure. Our teams configure and optimize the platform, then ensure that it remains operational.

Highly available infrastructure OVhcloud

A high-availability infrastructure

Host your most critical applications with total peace of mind. The Managed Bare Metal Essentials solution has a 99.7% SLA, providing high availability for your business applications. If one of the platform’s components goes down, our teams provide you with new, pre-configured hardware.

What makes the Managed Bare Metal Essentials product different?

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Dedicated performance

With optimized bare-metal servers, high-performance storage and a high-bandwidth network, Managed Bare Metal offers an excellent price-performance ratio. You can host any applications — from the simplest to the most resource-intensive — on this fully-dedicated hardware infrastructure.

Unparalleled scalability

Managed Bare Metal is designed to scale up in line with your needs. This solution is delivered with two hosts and two datastores. You can add and delete resources in a few minutes from the vSphere interface or the OVHcloud Control Panel. Please note that new resources can be used on a monthly or hourly basis.

The best of virtualization

Access all VMware features, and use templates created specifically by our teams to deploy multiple virtual machines (VMs) quickly. You can choose from a wide range of distributions and operating systems.

Cost control

Each pack from the Essentials range includes servers, storage, network and VMware licenses. The platform is managed by OVHcloud teams, so you can reduce your costs for all IT operations (configuration, supervision and maintenance).

A high-bandwidth network

Get 3Gbps public and private bandwidth, to transfer your data within your platform and offer it to your users and customers via the internet. Both ingress and egress traffic are unlimited, and included.

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SOC and ISO 27001 certified data centers

Managed Bare Metal is available in our network of data centers across the globe. They all hold ISO 27001 certifications, as well as SOC 1 and 2 type 2.

Options compatible with our Managed Bare Metal Essentials solutions

Automatic backup

Starting at $8 /VM/month

with Veeam Backup

Disaster Recovery Plan

Starting at $35 /VM/month

with Zerto


What does Managed Bare Metal mean?

Managed Bare Metal is a private infrastructure. It includes dedicated servers, storage, network and virtualization licenses, which are managed and operated by OVHcloud.

What is the Essentials range?

The Essentials range combines the Managed Bare Metal solution with the VMware vSphere Enterprise Plus virtualization license. This means you get a high-performance infrastructure managed by OVHcloud, so you can focus on your business applications securely.

What are the advantages of a platform operated and managed by OVHcloud?

With Managed Bare Metal, you manage your virtualization solution. We manage configuration, optimization and operational maintenance for your physical infrastructure. We also manage updates for your infrastructure (security, version upgrades and configuration).

What is the price/performance ratio?

We offer a balanced CPU/RAM/price ratio, to deliver the best performance for your needs. This way, you get access to a high-performance solution with great value for money.

Is my bandwidth limited?

In all of our packs, we include public and private bandwidth — each of which has a 3Gbps limit. Incoming and outgoing traffic is unlimited and included.

Are my resources guaranteed?

Managed Bare Metal is an infrastructure based on dedicated physical servers. This means all of the platform's resources are allocated to you.

What data centers offer Managed Bare Metal?

You can choose the data center location when you choose your pack. 

How do I manage my service?

The VMware vSphere Enterprise Plus license is integrated into all of our packs. This means you can manage your virtualized platforms however you like, via vSphere. We take care of the configuration and software updates.

Why choose dedicated server virtualization?

By virtualizing a dedicated server, you can deploy a fleet of virtual machines that are sized to suit your needs. A virtualization solution offers many advantages, such as control over your infrastructure and the budget you allocate to it. Resources are better provisioned, and you can harness all the raw power delivered by a dedicated server. This is a significant advantage. Your infrastructure administration is centralized and simplified, with an overview for optimal monitoring. By virtualizing your server, you can make your service scalable and flexible. It will then be perfect for adapting to different project stages, or fluctuating workloads.

What is a remotely-managed dedicated server?

A managed dedicated server is a physical machine you do not have to worry about managing. Monitoring and hardware maintenance are managed by the hosting provider, so you do not have to deal with common operating constraints. A dedicated server is hosted in a data center with all the professional equipment you need for a high-performance network, a redundant power supply, and constant uptime.

How are the Managed Bare Metal Essentials packs different from a remotely-managed dedicated server?

Both solutions are maintained and monitored by the service provider. The difference is that Managed Bare Metal Essentials is an OVHcloud solution, based in part on dedicated servers. We add network, storage, and virtualization services into a single service. This means you can focus entirely on your business and developments — because we manage your servers, as well as the virtualization system.