The Right Solutions and Products for your Business

Our enterprise-grade solutions and products ease your transition to the cloud. We provide the increased agility and innovation you demand, which is not easily achieved with on-premises and legacy IT environments.


We ensure you can meet your data residency requirements. We isolate your cloud servers to comply with even the most stringent privacy requirements and safeguard your sensitive data in cloud environments.


Enjoy a consumption-based approach where you can track usage, predict costs and optimize your cloud budget. 


We implement the latest security policies to ensure your data and applications are available and secure. 


Cloud solutions for your business

OVHcloud's solutions are designed to accelerate your journey to the cloud, maximizing cost control and increasing agility. In addition to offering scalable and flexible solutions, our enterprise customers also receive enhanced support, on-boarding and customization.

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We are here to help you get started. You may also schedule a free consultation with an OVHcloud advisor to discuss an architecture that best suits your business needs.

How do I get started?


Define the scope of your cloud project

You'll begin by meeting our team to assess the best options, based your goals and compliance requirements, and to discuss budget estimations and formal commitments. Our sales team will also be able to assist in this process. For smaller projects, simply order the OVHcloud solutions that best suit you.

Step 2 OVHcloud

Connect your on-premises infrastructure to OVHcloud

Thanks to multiple points of presence (PoPs) and dedicated network connectivity, you can effortlessly connect to OVHcloud's global infrastructure, including any of our data centers. The OVHcloud fiber-optic private network between data centers provides access to all the resources you need, with both Hosted Private Cloud and dedicated bare-metal servers, plus data replication for full redundancy.

Step 3 OVHcloud

Scale and adopt a hybrid cloud approach

Once your first project in the cloud has proven successful, you will inevitably want to scale up, in response to your evolving workloads. OVHcloud solutions are designed to make this process as smooth and stress free as possible. You can also effortlessly archive your data to meet retention and compliance policies. 

Le support OVH, l'engagement auprès de nos clients

Support for your business

By hosting your servers from OVHcloud, you benefit from technical support via chat available Monday-Friday from 8am-8pm EDT. In addition, a range of guides and an online Help Center is available to assist you during the installation and administration of your services.

What are enterprise products?

An enterprise business will usually need to employ solutions that are all-encompassing and demand a certain level of expertise to implement. Traditionally this means companies are looking for more than the kind of off-the-shelf consumer-level technology that a smaller organization or individual might need for their project. 

What does a product or enterprise solution have to incorporate to be considered truly enterprise grade?

It goes without saying that enterprise business solutions must serve the complex needs of today's organizations, helping companies stay competitive and cost effective and facilitating their digital transformation journey. In addition, while an enterprise product should offer certain features to ensure security of their end users and easy scalability, it should also provide a certain overarching strategy for the company. This is why enterprise product solutions are often pre-configured and pre-packaged and might involved a level of customization to meet the specific needs of the business. 

At OVHcloud, we also believe that despite the technological sophistication of these products, an enterprise-grade cloud vendor should offer the right support and take care of high-level maintenance and security so that businesses of any size can focus on their core objectives.

What specific concerns must an enterprise product or business solution address?

While every organization is different there are a few common concerns that will compel a business to adopt an enterprise-level solution. What should an enterprise product offer specifically?

Security is critical for enterprise companies who can't afford to cut corners by relying on less-than enterprise grade built-in security features. Enterprise solutions should include features such as industry-best firewalls, encryption and anti-DDoS protection. Similarly, an enterprise cloud vendor should also be prepared to conduct third-party security audits and gain the necessary certification to help businesses meet security and compliance requirements wherever they are based. 

Other pressing concerns include scalability and the ability to integrate with the existing IT ecosystem. For example, enterprise solutions must integrate seamlessly with a company's existing environment to reduce any disruption and ensure prior investments in IT have not gone to waste. This is why OVHcloud bases its technology on open standards to guarantee portability and interoperability. Our Enterprise offerings and support will ease your transition from on-premises to the cloud and facilitate a multi-cloud or hybrid cloud setup.