vRack Private Network

An isolated private network to connect your OVHcloud services together, across OVHcloud data centers.

The vRack Private Network allows you to build complex private infrastructures on a global multi-datacenter scale. You can also expose your vRack to the public Internet if some of your services require that option.


Build your private infrastructure

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Isolated private network

The vRack private network is isolated from the Internet, and from other customers' traffic.

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Multiple VLANs

Segment your network by creating multiple logically isolated networks (up to 4000 VLANs).

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Easy management

Thanks to the vRack API and customer portal, you can easily manage your vRack and its attached services.

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Compatible with most OVHcloud services

The vRack private network allows users to connect public cloud instances, hosted private cloud, bare-metal servers, and load balancers.

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Hybrid & Multi-Cloud

To accommodate hybrid & multi-cloud needs, interconnect your on-premise network with OVHcloud using vRack and OVHcloud Connect.

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Global private network

The vRack private network spans across all OVHcloud data centers, allowing you to interconnect any eligible service to any data centers, facilitating the global presence of your application, and allowing for high availability or fault-tolerant architectures.

Architecture examples

Basic architecture

The vRack enables you to isolate your critical servers within a private VLAN. Your data is secure and communication between your servers is not routed via the public network.

See more use cases with dedicated servers

basic architecture vrack

Multiple VLAN & Multiple data center architecture

The vRack is a private network that spreads across all OVHcloud data centers, allowing you to build a highly available or distributed worldwide infrastructure for your applications, to the data centers of your choice.

Deploy up to 4000 private VLANs to isolate your servers to filter customer access and secure your data.

vRack multiple VLAN

Multiple service architecture

The vRack adapts to the needs of your business. Build your infrastructure using the products and services of our Baremetal, Public Cloud, or Private Cloud universes.

vRack dedicated ip address

Hybrid Cloud

Connect your on-premise network to vRack with OVHcloud Connect, to allow hybrid cloud configurations. 

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Additional IPs

Publically expose your applications in the vRack by using Additional IP blocks, and setting up high-availability protocols such as VRRP.


private network diagram ovhcloud

Compatible OVHcloud services provide two ways to communicate:

  • Public Interface(s) to the internet
  • vRack (Private) interface(s)

The vRack interface is the one that will be attached to the customer's private network. For more details on available bandwidth options and specific conditions per product category:

For the specific case of Failover IPs, a public bandwidth capacity limit applies. It is limited to 600Mpbs (egress, per data center).


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Companion products

Additional IP - Network | OVHcloud

Additional IPs

You can use Additional IPs with vRack Private Network. Routing your Additional IP block to the vRack gives you more flexibility on public addressing and provides the ability to use high-availability protocols like VRRP for your public-facing services.

OVHcloud Connect - Network | OVHcloud

OVHcloud Connect

With our OVHcloud Connect hybrid connection solution, you can set up a secure, high-performance link between your company network and the OVHcloud vRack, enabling hybrid and multi-cloud setups.

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Bring Your Own IP (BYOIP)

With the Bring Your Own IP (BYOIP) service, you can import your public IPv4 address ranges and use them like failover IP blocks with OVHcloud products.


Which services are eligible for the vRack?

You can connect most Baremetal, Hosted Private Cloud, and Public Cloud services. Please refer to the specific offer to check eligibility.

Can you spread vRack over multiple OVHcloud data centers?

Yes, you can set up a VLAN that spans all OVHcloud data centers.

With vRack, can I connect several VLANs to the same server?

Yes, you can build an infrastructure integrating one or multiple servers connected to up to 4,000 VLANs.

How many vRacks can I activate on the OVHcloud Control Panel?

You can create up to 20 vRacks per customer account.

Can I route Additional IPs to vRack?

Yes! Additional IP blocks can be added to vRack free of charge. However, the public bandwidth is limited to 600Mbps (egress).

How do I rename a vRack?

Use the API to customize the names of your different vRacks or directly in your control panel.

Does vRack support Multicast?

Multicast is tolerated within the limit of 20 packets/seconds/servers.

What is vRack’s maximum bandwidth ?

The limit is based on the OVHcloud server network interface bandwidth capacity. Please refer to a specific  Baremetal, Hosted Private Cloud, or Public Cloud offer to check specific bandwidth capacity.