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Add flexibility to your applications with Additional IPs

Most OVHcloud® products include a pre-configured static IPv4 address. For outstanding flexibility, those products can also be used with Additional IPs (previously known as Failover IPs), which are IP addresses that can be easily assigned and moved from one service to another, and are available in 2 different formats:

  • Individual address (/32)
  • IP address block (up to /24)
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Key Highlights

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Failover Capacities

With Additional IPs, you can switch from one service to another in a few seconds and keep the entire configuration linked to that IP. This means you get an uninterrupted hosting solution that can confidently handle infrastructure-related issues (hardware failures, system overruns, etc.).

Additional IPs provide a solution that removes interruption or downtime if servers are overrun and can be used in this way for “Always On” availability.

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IP Blocks

By adding IP blocks, you can configure multiple IP addresses to your services. You can assign IPs into groups of 4, 8, 16, or up to 256 per server, with unlimited block publications. This makes upgrades simple, as you can reroute your IP to new hardware, rather than having to reconfigure the static IP. With multiple IPs grouped into blocks, you can manage your platforms more efficiently — upgrading and migrating from one service to another with ease.

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IP Geolocation*

With our IP announcement service, you can expand your project for a global audience by linking additional geolocated IPs. Those IPs can be geolocated in 14 available destinations. This significantly improves the ranking of your projects in popular search engines, fundamentally improving your web page's SEO status.

*only available for associated services hosted outside the US

Bring Your Own IP (BYOIP)

You can use your IP addresses as Additional IP address blocks. Bringing your own IP addresses instead of using OVHcloud IP addresses allows you to easily migrate your infrastructure to OVHcloud. This allows you to maintain your existing IP-related configuration and IP reputation. Discover the OVHcloud BYOIP service.

Additional IPs to meet your needs

complex infrastructures OVHcloud

Create complex infrastructures without single points of failure

Developing complex infrastructures that are resilient to issues is no easy feat. It requires hardware to be networked in a way that can respond to breakdowns, service overload, and maintenance issues.

With Additional IPs, you can create complex infrastructures that can withstand a wide variety of issues. For example, you can switch your existing infrastructure to a load balancer without disrupting or interrupting your customer services. Workloads can be balanced autonomously, while your online space continues as normal. There will be no noticeable IP address changes as you will always use Additional IP, which means no DNS propagation delay.

Host multiple websites on the same instance

For most online projects, hosting more than one website is a business essential. For any kind of dynamic web page — such as a blog, online store, or membership portal — you will likely need an admin page as well as a public-facing website to deal with ongoing changes. Or if you support multiple languages, you will need multiple web pages. Additional IPs allow you to keep your websites on the server, but without the risk of excessive downtime or website crashes due to overloads. 

You can host multiple websites on a primary server by using two Additional IPs. Some of your websites can be hosted on one Additional IP, and the rest on another. When one server isn’t powerful enough to host the website for both the Additional IPs, you can get a new server, then switch the routing of one Additional IP to the new server. This relieves the primary server of the heavy workload, so it can be operational again.

Host multiple websites OVHcloud
Growing your storage OVhcloud

Grow your business

Growing your storage, expanding clusters, and other changes that promote business growth come with a risk of downtime, which can cost your business dearly in sales and reputation. With Additional IPs, you can curb the risk of downtime altogether. By following the steps to integrate an Additional IP system for your projects, you can expand your infrastructure with uninterrupted performance on each of your websites.

Full integration with other products

We understand that your infrastructure can be diverse, including Public Cloud Instances, Hosted Private Cloud, Bare Metal servers, or simply VPS. You can use Additional IPs with all those product families for scalability, disaster recovery, deployment environment switching, and more.

You can also use Additional IPs on our private networking vRack technology. Routing your Additional IP block to the vRack gives you more flexibility on public addressing and provides the ability to use high-availability protocols like VRRP for your public-facing services. For more details, please visit the vRack page.

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How to purchase additional IP addresses?

Go to your OVHcloud control panel and make the most of Additional IPs.

List of available campus

You can assign Additional IP on any compatible service within the same campus*. A campus is a group of data centers sharing the same geographical location.

RBX (France - Roubaix)*rbx1-8
GRA (France - Gravelines)*gra1-3
SBG (France - Strasbourg)*sbg1-5
WAW (Poland - Warsaw)waw1
LIM (Germany - Limburg)lim1-3
ERI (United Kingdom - Erith)eri1
BHS (Canada - Beauharnois)bhs1-8
VIN (United States - Vint Hill)vin1
HIL (United States - Hillsboro)hil1

* Additional IPs can be moved between all 3 France campuses, although OVHcloud recommends other failover mechanisms for cross-campus resiliency setups.


What is the failover feature with Additional IP addresses?

Additional IP addresses, also called Failover IP or Floating IP addresses in the cloud industry, enhance service continuity (“failover”) for your applications and systems. With Additional IP, you can reassign the IP addresses from one service to another, with almost no service interruption for your users. This mechanism can be used during service migrations, moving projects from development to production environments, and switching services to a backup server in the event of an incident. Additional IP addresses are available as individual addresses (/32) or as IP address blocks (up to /24).

What are the available locations for my geolocalized IP addresses ?

At OVHcloud you can choose the geolocation of your IP block. The availability of geolocalized IP addresses varies depending on the data center where your service is located.

DatacenterAvailable geolocalized IP addresses
United StatesUnited States
FranceFrance, Ireland, Portugal, United Kingdom, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Poland, Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Finland, Lithuania, Germany, and Belgium
GermanyFrance, Ireland, Portugal, United Kingdom, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Poland, Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Finland, Lithuania, Germany, and Belgium
United KingdomUnited Kingdom

What is a RIPE IP address?

A RIPE IP address is an IP address managed and distributed by European IP Networks (Réseaux IP Européens in French - RIPE). It is an open community that ensures administrative and technical conditions to maintain and develop the Internet. One of the main activities of RIPE is to allocate the IP blocks to European ISPs (Internet Service Providers) and register the data in a public database, including information such as a country’s IP ranges, current IP allocation, and IP geolocation.

What is an ARIN IP address?

The American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) oversees the management and allocation of IP addresses in Canada and the United States. It is the equivalent of RIPE in North America. An ARIN IP address is an address managed by ARIN.

When releasing my Additional IP, what happens if they're found to be blacklisted (RBL)?

As detailed in the Service Specific Terms for Additional IP, OVHcloud reserves the right to charge a fee upon termination, to cover the costs for unblacklist removal.

What is the maximum period of non-assignation of my Additional IP?

If the Additional IP addresses or block of IP addresses are not used (i.e. not assigned to a service) for 30 consecutive days, OVHcloud reserves the right to reclaim them after notifying the user. More details can be found in the Service Specific Terms for Additional IP.