Better outreach and services in an era of tight budgets

Better outreach and services in an era of tight budgets

Spend your fundraising dollars on your mission, not on your infrastructure.

Move to an OVHcloud Public Cloud solution to deliver more services while avoiding capital expenditure.

Focus on your core mission


You joined a nonprofit organization to make the world a better place — not to be tied down with data backups or search for broken code. And your IT budget is probably just plain inadequate, while you wrestle with an infrastructure that is increasingly out-of-date. And security for fundraising and donor data is more of a concern than ever. Focusing on making your nonprofit more innovative could become a reality if you move to OVHcloud Public Cloud, thanks to its quick scalability, hardened security, and more.

OVHcloud can help you deliver needed IT services


Mobilize your technology without CapEx

  • Move more workloads to the cloud. OVHcloud's Public Cloud or Hosted Private Cloud solutions save you from having to spend limited budget dollars on new IT resources.

Consolidate to save

  • You can successfully start (or complete) IT consolidation initiatives and reduce costs using the OVH Public Cloud OpenStack technology to virtualize your compute and storage needs.

Implement network unity

  • Use OVHcloud’s vRack to connect, manage, and secure apps across multiple data centers and clouds, adding more protection for everything in your IT ecosystem. With 27 data centers and 32 points of presence, the OVHcloud network is never far away.

Protect your data

  • We offer secure networking connections and powerful data protection, including servers equipped with automatic DDoS attack mitigation, and proactive permanent mitigation rules.

OVHcloud solutions for nonprofits deliver value


Empower mobile workers

Enable your staff and volunteers with cloud solutions that provide easy-to-use access to the OVHcloud network. Provide better and faster donor outreach, fundraising, and service experiences.


Improve your fundraising efficacy and security

Deliver more power to your mission by transforming your organization’s IT management, security, and resilience by deploying a more cost-effective infrastructure with OVHcloud.


Let our mission save yours

OVHcloud innovation has enabled us to build the best infrastructure and cloud solutions around. We’ll support and speed your cloud strategy — whatever it is. We can host your websites, databases, and staff-facing systems.

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