Extend your data center to the cloud. Don’t build a new one.

Extend your data center to the cloud. Don’t build a new one.

Improve performance, prepare for traffic spikes, or increase agility by extending on-premise workloads to the cloud

The best of both IT worlds


Are you riding a seasonal rollercoaster of periodic peak traffic periods that don’t quite justify permanently scaling up your on-premises data center? Perhaps you are looking for a more flexible test environment? Or is an important once-a-year workload on the horizon? Tackling these problems piecemeal requires the time and complexity of building out more resources, more rack space, and more IT professionals for your on-premises data center. Save time. Save CapEx by extending into the cloud and paying only for what you need.

Seamlessly move vSphere workloads to the cloud and back — any application, no changes


vSphere compatible

  • Your applications can move in and out of the cloud without any need to convert or redesign your applications. All of your existing IT personnel can leverage their current knowledge to manage workloads.

IP addresses remain unchanged and downtime controlled

  • You can stretch your existing layer 2 network fabric into an OVHcloud data center, so your IP and MAC addresses move with your applications — remaining connected to your on-premises resources. With VMware Hybrid Cloud Extension, moving workloads over this network can be accomplished with low-latency by replicating workloads in the background.

Better load balancing

  • Deploy your workload in its ideal environment, or quickly scale your compute capacity for high-traffic events.

OVHcloud Data Center Extension Value


Scale without CapEx

Scale workloads up and down, even across private and public cloud resources, saving you the cost of overbuilding capacity.


Agility when you need it

Build and provision IT resources quickly to move workloads as needed, under your planned control, and to a data center of your choice.

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Cover seasonal fluctuations

Add flexible cloud computing resources for greater temporary capacity.

Public Cloud Strategies for Extending Your IT Infrastructure

This short guide gives vSphere users the facts to understand how to best leverage the cloud to extend their IT infrastructure.

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