Best-in-class HPC cloud solutions without upfront costs

Best-in-class HPC cloud solutions without upfront costs

Get the flexibility to use high-performance computing exactly, and only, when you need it. Get HPC capability without having to own HPC infrastructure.

Do you want to own the sports car, or would you rather just drive it whenever you feel like it?


Do you have a rapidly approaching event that requires HPC capabilities for VOD (video on demand), live streaming, or interactive gaming? Perhaps your R&D team, scientists, or engineers are running novel simulations, re-evaluating financial models, or analyzing large-scale data sets. For short-term HPC needs like these, could you justify the cost of upgrading to higher network performance, faster storage, more memory, and teraflop or petaflop capabilities?

OVHcloud delivers outstanding HPC value


Innovative hardware

  • To continually bring you best-in-class HPC, OVHcloud maintains a dedicated Hardware Innovations team. From new CPU architectures to cooling systems, we continuously upgrade our offers to the latest CPU iterations, well-appointed storage/memory allocations, and overclock processors, while ensuring server reliability and durability.

Specialized GPU servers

  • Equipped with graphics processing units, our Dedicated GPU Servers are configured for intensive use. Thanks to their computing power, they are well-equipped to speed up parallel task processing.

Specialized gaming servers

  • Equipped with Intel i7 processors and Turbo Boost, these gaming servers, coupled with the speed of SSD or NVMe storage, deliver optimal compute performance.

Flexible vRack connection to your data center

vRack technology enables your OVHcloud services to be virtually connected, isolated, or spread across one or more private secure networks. Build complex private infrastructures, on-demand and on a global data center scale, using our unique network technologies.

Robust global networking

  • Fast computing requires fast network connections. OVHcloud’s global network includes 34 data centers and 33 points of presence in 138 countries — and has a capacity of 70+ Tbps. All of this means low latency: We’re fast, and we’re nearby.

OVHcloud HPC solutions deliver value


Connect quickly

OVHcloud is everywhere.  Whether you get online via public internet or a direct connection to our backbone, you can quickly deliver HPC exactly when you need it.


Deliver true HPC

Our proprietary High Availability, GPU, and Game servers are purpose-built to deliver the blazing speed you and your team require.


Reduce upfront costs

Swap upfront capital expenditures by going to a flexible, monthly expense model. Get the benefit of HPC for as long as you need it, without having to own it.

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