Securely consolidate and migrate your data center to the cloud

Securely consolidate and migrate your data center to the cloud

Lower CapEx and gain new efficiencies by “lift and shift” from your on-premises data center to OVHcloud

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Sooner or later, your business may need to “lift and shift” workloads from your data center to a cloud solution in order to comply with new business realities — whether those relate to a merger or acquisition, a data center consolidation, a cost-reduction exercise, or the fact that your hardware has reached its end-of-life. Alternatively, as an IT administrator, you may be facing hard production timelines, cost mandates, or resource allocation goals. Either way, data center build-outs, and migration activities are time-consuming and costly.

Consolidate and migrate your data centers to the OVHcloud — securely and without any headaches


Scaling on demand

  • With OVHcloud Hosted Private Cloud solutions, you can rapidly scale up to the capacity you need and move your workloads from your singular or multiple VMware-based on-premises data centers to our fully VMware-compatible cloud environment — without re-architecting your solutions.

Quick provisioning

  • We’ll automatically replicate your existing on-premises infrastructure — as well as your networking policies, constructs, topologies, and isolation approaches — so you can maintain your current vSphere level of control for security and network access.

Keep your networking

  • Move your workloads to OVHcloud with minimal downtime. Your data can move from one location to another without the need to change any IP or MAC addresses. With VMware® Hybrid Cloud Extension, migrating workloads can be accomplished with low to no downtime.

OVHcloud Data Center Migration Value


Reduce costs, focus on your business

Consolidate your data center resources and reduce your capital expenditures. Swap upfront hardware capital expenditures (CapEx) for a flexible pay-as-you-go operating expenses (OpEx). Get out of the “data center business” and focus on your business.


Speed to market

Bypass time-consuming cloud re-engineering and avoid retraining your staff. We’ll replicate your on-premise infrastructure without the need to modify your applications. Beat the deadlines, meet the mandates.


Simple and secure management

Your new data center is an opportunity to unify disparate cloud platforms that have been isolated to handle different workloads. Retain the security and network controls with the VMware experiences you already manage.

Public Cloud Strategies for Migrating Your IT Infrastructure

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