Deliver up-to-the-second information

Deliver up-to-the-second information

Connect your health-focused data center operations to an OVHcloud cloud solution for high-performance computing, high network access

Better information = better patient care

What is healthcare if it’s not providing better patient health? Lives can be lost due to a misplaced test result or an incorrect drug prescription, and medical codes need to be tracked carefully for proper billing, thereby adding yet another layer of complexity to providing top-quality healthcare. What’s more, IT systems are often out-of-date, BYOD is rampant in the workplace, and the CapEx budget is likely tight — not to mention that there are always concerns about HIPAA compliance.


Healthcare solutions deliver value


Help your staff deliver superior patient care

More accurate information leads to better decisions, faster responses, and greater efficiencies — even from remote locations.


Improve security and compliance

Reduce or eliminate downtime for critical patient care apps and head off security issues before they affect care providers.


Reduce costs

Software-defined storage means you can simplify a complex healthcare infrastructure and run the most critical patient care applications on the platform. Also, move storage and data archiving to the cloud.

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