Deliver more services despite budget cuts

Deliver more services despite budget cuts

Move to a secure and compliant OVHcloud cloud solution, so you can provide more IT services while facing budgetary constraints

Do more with less

The demand for IT services in the government sector keeps growing. But your budget isn’t following suit and is perhaps even being cut (again!). Not to mention you likely have to deal with bureaucratic silos in risk-averse work culture. And to make matters worse, obsolete processes, legacy systems, and aging IT infrastructures aren’t keeping pace, making it difficult to deliver data center efficiencies and cost savings, along with the much-needed enhanced security every department now needs.


OVHcloud can help you deliver government-friendly IT services


Implement stronger security strategies

  • Use OVHcloud’s OVHcloud Connect to connect, manage, and secure apps across multiple data centers and clouds, adding more protection for everything in your IT ecosystem.

Deliver quick scalability

  • Scale up your computational capacity for peak periods, whenever you need it. All of our cloud solutions are on-demand and offer flexible payment plans.

Consolidate services to save

  • Use OVHcloud's Hosted Private Cloud services to consolidate your data centers, and virtualize storage and networking so you can successfully complete IT initiatives and reduce operating costs.

Mobilize government IT without CapEx

  • Move to the cloud! Reduce your capital expenditures while providing the needed government digital services with OVHcloud Hosted Private Cloud or Public Cloud solutions.

OVHcloud government solutions deliver value


Increase data center efficiency

Improve your IT management, compliance, and security while efficiently running today’s complex computing environments.


Integrate multiple clouds and scale quickly

OVHcloud can support your multi-cloud, multi-data center computing ambitions, and streamline access and management across private, public, and hybrid clouds. Quickly scale up or down whenever you need to.


Provide dependable and cost-controllable services

Enable government workers 24/7/365 with secure cloud solutions that provide easy-to-use, always-available access to resources and data. Our flexible pay-as-you-go option requires no minimum commitments or upfront fees.

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