Accelerate your time-to-market

With our PaaS solutions, you can automatically orchestrate your containerized applications, integrate your software factory deployments, and adopt Infrastructure as Code.


  • Manage your application rather than its infrastructure.
  • Ensure greater portability for your application.
  • Become more agile.


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Best practices for a cloud-native strategy

Orchestrate with Kubernetes

Initially, orchestrators focused on the high layers of the platform that you need to containerize. With the Managed Kubernetes® Service, you can manage your infrastructure and scale it dynamically according to your container usage.

Automate deployments with Infrastructure as Code

The infrastructure-as-Code approach focuses on the lower layers of your platform. It is agnostic to your software architecture. Most Public Cloud resources can be deployed with Terraform.

Easy deployment from development to production

With a single command line on your Kubernetes service, you can deploy most applications in a Docker container or Helm chart format. Simply move the configuration file from one cluster to another to isolate development, recipe, and production.


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