Business continuity with continuous data protection

Champion digital resiliency in an era of rising ransomware attacks, natural disasters, and widespread threats jeopardizing business continuity. With the Zerto on OVHcloud, critical data and applications are reliably protected, instantly recovered, and readily available in just a few clicks.

Compatible with:

  • vSphere
  • Hyper-V

Per VM:


Efficiency at scale

Unlock consumer-level simplicity brought to enterprise with the Zerto Virtual Manager (ZVM) via the OVHcloud vSphere account to seamlessly automate the tasks required for managing recovery after an incident with the RESTful API.

Mitigate threats and disruptions

Achieve business continuity with the lowest recovery-point-objectives (RPO) and fastest recovery-time-objectives (RTO) with Zerto's continuous data protection and instant recovery on OVHcloud hosted private cloud.

Secure data transfer

Rest assured when protecting workloads between OVHcloud data centers with OVHcloud's cutting-edge global fiber-optic network.

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Protect your critical data with the Zerto platform

What is Zerto?

Zerto is a single, simple, and scalable enterprise cloud data management and protection platform. Zerto on OVHcloud enables business and IT leaders, system admins, and DevOps teams to confidently solve challenges and protect against data loss in virtualized and cloud environments with ease.

Disaster Recovery with Zerto on OVHcloud

Disaster Recovery with Zerto on OVHcloud

In the event of a technical incident, applications hosted on either an on-premises data center or an existing OVHcloud Hosted Private Cloud, can be switched to the secondary OVHcloud Hosted Private Cloud.

Deploying Zerto for your OVHcloud Hosted Private Cloud is as simple as 1-2-3:

  1. Deploy a secondary OVHcloud Hosted Private Cloud in a different data center to your first one.
  2. Enable Zerto for your Hosted Private Cloud using the secure OVHcloud Manager.
  3. Build your virtual protection groups for the desired virtual machines to begin replicating to your new Hosted Private Cloud.

Watch the video: Disaster Recovery and Continuous Availability with Zerto

Recovering from Ransomware from the beach with Zerto and OVHcloud

Recovering from Ransomware

Enjoy peace of mind when disasters threaten enterprises with unplanned downtime. Zerto's instant recovery ensures your hosted private cloud on OVHcloud gets back up and running in an instant.

See how a Zerto customer was attacked by ransomware and recovered in minutes  while camping on the beach.

Watch the video: Recovering from Ransomware with Zerto