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Since opening our first OVHcloud data center in Paris in 2003, we have continued to invest and innovate in the design, deployment, and maintenance of our cloud infrastructure. We now operate 28 data centers in 7 countries. We have successfully completed a global data center approach, maintaining full control over all aspects of our projects and demonstrating a unique expertise in high availability, security, and energy efficiency.

Our Data Centers: Expanding Global Presence

Expanding Global Presence

North America

United States

  • Vint Hill, Virginia: VIN-1
  • Hillsboro, Oregon: HIL-1
  • vCloud Air powered by OVH Data Centers:  
    • Santa Clara, CA
    • Las Vegas, NV
    • Dallas, TX
    • Jersey City, NJ
    • Sterling, VA


  • Beauharnois, Quebec:  BHS-1, BHS-2, BHS-3, BHS-4, BHS-5, BHS-6

Asia Pacific


  • Sydney:  SYD-1


  • Singapore:  SGP-1



  • Paris: DC1, GSW, P19
  • Roubaix: RBX1, RBX2, RBX3, RBX4, RBX5, RBX6 + RBX7 (under construction)
  • Gravelines: GRA1, GRA2
  • Strasbourg: SBG1, SBG2, SBG3 (under construction)


  • Frankfurt:  FRA1
  • vCloud Air powered by OVH Data Center:  Frankfurt


    • Warsaw:  WAW1

    United Kingdom

    • London:  LON1
    • vCloud Air powered by OVH Data Center:  Slough/London
    Select Locations

    Select locations

    Our data centers are built in select locations, each with a critical evaluation of power, networking, and other criteria for ensuring a continuity of service, high availability, cost efficiencies and global-scale.

    • OVHcloud is expanding to meet the needs of US customers by developing a strong footprint in North America.
    • With the acquisition of vCloud® Air™ from VMware, we’ve added data centers in California, Nevada, Texas, Virginia, and New Jersey.

    Our Data Centers











    Secure Facilities

    OVHcloud has implemented a high level of security to protect its physical data centers and to meet the requirements of our customers.

    • Servers can only be physically accessed by authorized OVH employees.
    • State-of-the-art security badge control system and video surveillance, and 24/7 on-site security personnel in all data center.
    • Smoke detection systems are present in all areas.
    • Technicians are on site 24/7.
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    Compliance with OVH

    OVH is committed to delivering cloud services that adopt industry best practices to meet a comprehensive set of security and compliance standards.

    Review our compliance and certifications section for more details.

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    High-Availability Infrastructure

    Powerful, customizable servers

    As an OVHcloud customer, you will benefit from infrastructure, built to align with Uptime Institute Tier III standards or greater, that provides the scale and availability to operate your business.

    • Systematic double power supplies
    • Generators with an initial autonomy of 48 hours
    • Advanced electrical and cooling systems
    • N+1 redundancy with uninterruptible power solutions and generator backup
    • 250 kVA per UPS device
    • Advanced network capabilities: 10Gb+ connectivity and a 40Gb+ core network
    • Minimum of two network connections to and within the data center; two network rooms whereby one fails over to the other in the event of an emergency

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