Our Commitment to Green Technology

Our Commitment to Green Technology

From our earliest days, we have been committed to sustainability - reducing IT components waste, optimizing data center energy consumption, innovating for more efficient cooling systems.

We know this not only benefits the environment but for business, too. By striving to be frugal in our design and innovative in IT, we help our ecosystem become increasingly sustainable and strong - minimizing environmental impact and driving up performance. For us, the two go hand in hand.

This approach is reinforced across the European Union, with the recently published Climate Neutral Datacenter Pact, initialized through CISPE (of which we are a founding member). And we want to go further and lead the way at the European level - empowering our ecosystem, clients, partners, and employees to keep pushing on to increase cloud sustainability.

Our Approach

Managing our environmental impact every step of the way

As a global infrastructure provider, we build our own servers and data centers. We also maintain strong, long-term relationships with our suppliers and the leading technology companies in the ecosystem to optimize our industrialization processes and manage our environmental impact every step of the way.

Our goal is to think and act differently to change the status quo. Our engineers strive to invent the next evolutions of the cloud. At OVHcloud we are aware of the impacts of our activities, this is why we are willing to offer solutions that are not only accessible and affordable but also frugal and low carbon. Every component is carefully selected, every stage of manufacturing is thoroughly processed, and customer needs are taken into account to enable the next generation of services, as sustainably as possible.

Building sustainability into our supply chain

We have applied circular economy principles to our supply chain since the earliest days of OVHcloud. By design, we have been able to provide less energy-consuming solutions, as well as recycling products, and give second and third life to our main components. It is part of what makes us different. Our servers are designed to be fully removable, with dedicated components chosen specifically for easy reuse, recycling, and repair. They are built & manufactured in our two factories in Canada and in France. Our data centers, mainly rehabilitated buildings, are meant to have an increased lifespan. They carry our own infrastructure, designed within our manufacturing facilities, allowing us to go even further with monitoring and reparability of our solutions.

The strength of OVHcloud lies in the plurality of its expertise. OVHcloud controls its production chain from the cutting of the sheet metal used to manufacture the server racks to the delivery of the connected server to our customers. Having control over all the elements of the production chain naturally allows us to choose and control all our equipment and its smallest components while making considerable economies of scale. But having such control also, and above all, gives us great agility. When a customer wants their server to be more powerful, and to have more memory or computing capacity, it is possible to improve it in real-time. Our data center technicians can in fact intervene directly on the server. There is no need to wait for a service provider to add this intervention to his schedule. That's one of the great things about OVHcloud: we know how to be extremely responsive.



Over 20 Years of Sustainability



Fully clickable rack (water-cooling, power network)


3rd Gen. of free cooling system to enhance efficiency of water-cooling system


New data center in Quebec powered with sustainable energy (hydroelectricity, windfarms)


Roubaix 4th data center with a patented design providing OVHcloud best PUE


OVHcloud starts to retrofit servers to enhance reverse supply chain


DC power supply are enabled for entry-level servers to gain efficiency


First server room without air conditioning


Servers are built internally to optimize space and control the full value chain


1st water-cooling system to reduce the need for energy

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