vRack gives customers security and control over their network

vRack gives customers security and control over their network

By James MacKenzie

vRack is a complimentary OVHcloud™ layer 2 private networking tool, allowing you to connect all of your OVHcloud servers together across our 16+ Tbps backbone without going over the public internet.

We offer this on almost all OVHcloud servers and data centers. It is extremely easy to deploy, configure and operate, and is also a complimentary service, giving you up to 3Gbps ingress/egress of totally unmetered throughput on the majority of our products.

Why would you want private communication between datacenters and services?

vRack greatly limits threats from outside sources. It improves security for your applications and devices connecting to your network.

Imagine you are in a crowded room, and you want to tell a secret to your friend standing at the other side of that room. Are you going to yell the secret out to them? Probably not. Everyone in the room would be able to intercept that data. This is the same thing as going across a public network. If you want to keep your company’s information confidential, you should use a private connection.

vRack allows you to do just that. It allows you to create up to 4094 private vLans and is a 100% private channel that your data can travel across securely, even across multiple countries stay on OVHcloud’s backbone, ensuring that your internal network is protected against external threats.

Why would OVHcloud include bandwidth costs for both public and private networks?

We invest heavily in our network. We own our own backbone which is over 17+ Tbps across the world, and we want to share that with our customers.

All of our fiberoptic links can been seen here.

This map is updated in real-time and allows you to see our peers and the amount of traffic and even see any kind of saturation on our lines.

Key Features and benefits:

  • It is a complimentary service and we do not charge for bandwidth
  • vRack enables Layer 2 private connectivity between datacenters across multiple countries and multiple products, allowing you to create complex hybrid network architectures
  • Customers have the ability to create up to 4096 vLANs per vRack
  • Customers are able to choose their own private IP ranges and networking schemes
  • It can interconnect different environment types (Hybrid) on the same vRack

Getting started is super easy. Check out our guide.

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