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High-frequency CPU power and Anti-DDoS Game mitigation for just $99/month

Who needs a Game Server?

Professional Resellers

Professional resellers

Your users count on you for a seamless gaming experience. In turn, you can trust OVH to bring you compute-intensive machines and complete protection against DDoS attacks.

Video Game Publishers

Video game publishers

Tired of managing and administering servers? Hand over your web hosting to OVH, and focus on what you do best: online gaming. Need a cluster of gaming servers, or want to host cloud gaming? No problem! We can deliver solutions for all of your gaming needs.



We build our Dedicated Game Servers for people who, like you, are passionate about online gaming and seek an outstanding price-performance ratio. With our Anti-DDoS protection on every server, you can finally focus on dominating the competition.


Provide a Seamless Gaming Experience

Anti-DDoS Game by OVH

Anti-DDoS gaming servers

We understand firsthand the risks of DDoS to the gaming industry. That’s why we’ve specifically designed our Game Servers to include a powerful DDoS protection that uses two-way mitigation of both incoming and outgoing traffic to stop attacks before your players even notice.



Tailored to gaming

We understand your players want maximum comfort and minimal latency, so to provide peak performance, our servers use the high frequency of Intel® i7 processors and their Turbo Boost technology, coupled with the speed of SSD or NVMe storage. And with our two configurations, you have the flexibility to choose the performance requirements your gamers expect.


CPU Potential Unlocked

CPU potential unlocked

Our unique server-cooling technology enables us to provide an overclocked version of the Intel i7-7700k processor, which unleashes the CPU’s power and increases its frequency to 4.7 GHz, even up to 5 GHz in Turbo Boost mode!


Hardware at the Heart of Innovation

Hardware at the heart of innovation

OVH understands the needs of gaming for both players and publishers. Since gaming technologies are always evolving, our dedicated Hardware Innovation team strives to continuously update our products and develop new ones to keep you ahead of the competition. Our team’s specialized knowledge is what enables us to offer you overclocked processors without sacrificing server reliability.


No setup fees
  • Up to 256 IPs with no monthly fees
  • Anti-DDoS Game included
  • Control Panel
  • API
  • Root access to the server
  • Access via the KVM/IP graphic console
    (except for overclocked CPUs)
  • Hours and contact methods
  • Level 1 incidents (e.g. server unavailable):
    • Intervention Time: 1 hour
    • Repair Time: Intervention + 2
  • Level 2 incidents (e.g. abnormal operation, software config problems)
    • Intervention Time: 12 hours
Service-Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Network Availability: 99.95%

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