Iceline Required a Premium, Affordable Hosting Service

Iceline Required a Premium, Affordable Hosting Service


Iceline is a hosting company that excels at providing high-performing servers and premium services and support at an affordable price.

In 2017, Liam Temple started hosting his own game service. He tried several different providers, but every morning he’d be met with new issues, whether it was performance, downtime, or worse. He saw a need and was inspired to answer it by creating a hosting company where customers could rely on their services to stay online. He found a cloud provider that also offered a premium service at an affordable price like his own company, and it has become a very successful relationship.


  • Dedicated OVHcloud-built bare-metal Game 2 Servers
  • OVHcloud data centers in Oregon and Virginia and worldwide
  • Anti-DDOS protection at no additional cost
  • Guaranteed fast response time with Enterprise Level Service
  • Exceptional support services


Liam was building his company on the guiding principle of offering premium hosting services at an affordable price. However, that meant he needed a cloud provider that offered the same. Liam tried many different companies, but there were always issues. If he was to be able to meet a promise of 99.9% uptime, he needed a cloud provider that could do that and more. Iceline couldn’t afford to make that guarantee if they had to wait up to three days or more for a response to a problem.

Solution Delivered

Liam liked all the things OVHcloud had to offer — the worldwide locations, the company-owned network, and company-built bare metal gaming servers, the total reliability, powerful anti-DDOS protection, exceptional support and response time, and very competitive pricing. Iceline customers don’t have to worry about their servers running slow or going offline. They don’t have to search for a better price or feel duped by being charged more for lesser service and quality. They don’t have to wait days for an issue to be resolved. Iceline is able to give customers the premium service at a price they need because OVHcloud offers Iceline the very same.

Results, ROI, and Future Plans

Iceline is able to keep its promise to customers of providing high-quality service at an affordable price and, most importantly, being able to guarantee 99.9% uptime. Success breeds success. In 2020, the company had a few hundred clients, and as of spring 2021, the roster increased to thousands of active clients. Liam has been both pleased and surprised by the year-over-year growth and commends OVHcloud for its enterprise support, high-quality products, and competitive pricing for contributing to Iceline’s continuing success. He is now pursuing a partnership with OVHcloud because of this exemplary customer experience, aligning to the strategic growth goals he has envisioned for Iceline. Liam says the company will be getting more involved in the cloud industry. He hopes to provide high-availability services, whether it be for gaming customers or business clients. He sees a gap in the market and will pursue filling it with OVHcloud as the cloud provider since experience has taught him that he can rely on OVHcloud 100%.

“We guarantee our customers 99.9% uptime, so it’s really important that we can keep that promise. When I open a ticket with OVHcloud, I kid you not, within five minutes, I’ve gotten a response. I’ve been to six, seven, or eight providers, and I’ve never had support like this.”
— Liam Temple, Company Director

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