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Custom servers designed for the most resource-intensive environments

Your big data project requires a reliable, high-performance infrastructure that can analyze high volumes of data in real-time. Our HG customizable servers meet a very wide range of requirements for a critical environment, offering high performance, very high storage capacity, and optimal response time.

High availability

To ensure you will have optimal uptime, it is best to choose a redundant architecture where you can hot-swap hard disks and SSD disks without service interruptions.


Adapt your server’s configurations to suit your needs, with many power and storage customization options to choose from.

A secure private network

Connect your servers to one another with the vRack private network, using a quick, secure cross-server connection.

Examples of uses for our HG servers

Application IOPS intensive

IOPS intensive application

Our HG servers have high IOPS, to meet needs for high-volume analysis, resource intensive video processing, and for delivering databases that need quick access to data.

Big data et solutions analytiques

Big data and analytics solutions

Our HG servers are generally used as clusters, and offer high fault tolerance against downtime as well as constant, private traffic between your servers. With their high-density configuration, you can manage intensive computing applications and data analytics solutions.

In-Memory database

In-memory database

To boost performance for your applications and their requests to access data, it is advisable to store the data in-memory to help manage higher levels of traffic. For example, machine learning projects,  are memory-intensive and require powerful configuration to handle high computing capacity.

IA et machine learning

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

As part of both automatic and manual learning, machine learning projects need a high volume of resources, and require parallel computing. Our high-performance components will give you this power round-the-clock.

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