Additional options


Additional IP

With our additional IP solution, additional IPv4 addresses can be transferred between OVHcloud servers (to implement failover). This allows you to keep the same IP address when you migrate to a new server, switch traffic between servers, or switch between a development and production environment.

OVHcloud Connect

With OVHcloud Connect, you can link your network to your infrastructure in our data centers. This high-speed private link is completely isolated from the public network, and perfectly secure.

Bring Your Own IP

With the IP address-bringing service (BYOIP) provided by OVHcloud, you can bring your own public IPv4 address ranges and use them as failover IP blocks. 

It is a simple way to ensure that your company’s public connectivity is maintained. This is especially the case when you migrate some or all of your services to the cloud.

You remain the owner of the IP addresses you are bringing in. We announce them on the internet and route them to OVHcloud services.