Backup, Recovery, and Archiving for your enterprise

Your best insurance against mishaps is an automated backup, recovery, and archiving solution

Guarding your data every day

Back up Recovery

Backups may be routine, but hardly unimportant. That mission-critical source code or content your team is working on... What if they lose the updates? Are you confident you have a really safe archive for your employee records? Would you feel more at ease with triple redundant, durable, secure storage? Would you prefer to use standard protocols instead of something custom?

OVHcloud can efficiently preserve your data over the short and long term

efficientially preserving your data

Scalable storage

  • You can quickly scale your required backup capacity on demand. All functions are API accessible. Your storage is unlimited, portable, and durable.

Added security with built-in redundancy

  • Backups are continuous. We triple replicate and provide 100% durability. Choose from highly secure global storage solutions based on data locality and durability preferences.

No type limitations

  • Upload your data using numerous standard security protocols, including SFTP, SCP, rsync, and https.

Get back to business promptly

  • Restore key applications in just a few minutes. Retrieving your archive can take from a few minutes to a few hours.

Affordable and flexible cold storage

  • Cost-effectively store large amounts of data with our flexible pay-as-you-go option, which requires no minimum commitments or upfront fees.

OVHcloud Backup, Recovery, and Archiving value

Peace of Mind

Peace of mind with redundant offsite storage

Backups and archives are conducted offsite in a secure OVHcloud data center and readily made available to you after malicious attacks, data center emergencies, and unexpected outages.


Efficiency gains from automated backups

This “set-it-and-forget-it” solution means OVHcloud performs automated backups like clockwork, so you never have to think about it.

Archving Saves Time and Money

Archiving that saves time and money

Improve storage efficiency by migrating older data to more cost-effective archival storage. Plus, efficiently archiving data can save your staff many valuable hours.

Case Study

Case Study: Simplifying the setup of a backup strategy

  • 20,000 users
  • Platform accessible 24/7
  • Dedicated Cloud hosting 13 virtual machines
  • 100 MB of data saved in the database
  • 100 GB of stored files
View the OVHcloud case study

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