NextRadioTV -- Delivering the Digital Experience

NextRadioTV – Delivering the Digital Experience


Scalable Infrastructure Supports Robust Digital Media

NextRadioTV is a media company with multiple TV stations, radio stations, websites, and magazines across France.

Executive Summary
NextRadioTV is an independent multimedia group that broadcasts television, radio, and digital content for BFMTV.comBFM BusinessRMC SportRMC Découverte, and Due to its immense growth both internally at the company and across its media network, NextRadioTV was interested in migrating from its farm of 80 physical servers to a cloud-based solution capable of handling up to 9 million visits daily. OVHcloud provided NextRadioTV with a cloud solution that integrated seamlessly into its business and provided a reliable and scalable infrastructure that can handle unexpected massive spikes in visitor traffic. Today, NextRadioTV benefits from OVHcloud’s real-time data extension, data recovery, data optimization, and disaster recovery capabilities.

Managing 80 physical servers put near-constant pressure on NextRadioTV’s IT team, which had to respond to around-the-clock alerts, many of which were not mission-critical. Due to unpredictable demand, the company also needed a high-availability infrastructure that could respond to spikes in traffic, which can increase fivefold within 15 minutes.

     "We have gained flexibility while reducing our cost by approximately 40 to 50 percent. It is now faster to deploy a new VM rather than a dedicated server."  - Vincent Lae, IT Infrastructure Manager, NextRadioTV

Solution Delivered
OVHcloud implemented a Hosted Private Cloud with seven XL Enterprise servers and eight data stores to run 80 virtual machines. Twelve physical servers are also being used: 10 from a Galera cluster to provide robust power, and two to provide real-time monitoring and analytics. Source images are securely stored in the public cloud. Round-robin DNS and multiple HAProxy virtual machines operating on multiple hosts ensure the infrastructure is always available, even in the event of a host failure. A Public Cloud securely stores images and two virtual machines are dedicated to journalist back office use, providing reliability even during peak traffic. OVH has also taken over support of the new infrastructure, enabling NextRadioTV’s IT staff to focus its efforts on other projects.

Results, ROI, and Future Plans
NextRadioTV’s new infrastructure was completed without interruption to its service. It can now securely accommodate 9 million visitors and handle sudden surges in traffic with ease.

The new Dedicated Cloud solution has simplified NextRadioTV’s platform, reduced operating costs by 40 to 50 percent, and provided much-needed flexibility as the company can now quickly spin up virtual machines as needed.

     "The Dedicated Cloud solution allows us to delegate hardware management to OVHcloud.”  - Vincent Lae, IT Infrastructure Manager, NextRadioTV

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