The Hut Group – All E-commerce, All the Time

The Hut Group – All E-commerce, All the Time



The Hut Group is an e-commerce company that sells proprietary and third-party health, beauty, and sports nutrition products.

Executive Summary
The Hut Group operates more than 100 websites that sell direct-to-consumer products from some of the world’s leading beauty, lifestyle, sports, and wellness brands. Because of The Hut Group’s scale, an unplanned interruption to its website portfolio could cost the company up to $560,000 per day. As such, the company needed to evolve from a time-intensive disaster recovery plan to a robust, scalable solution with the highest possible uptime.


  • The vCloud® Air™ powered by OVH solution cut The Hut Group’s recovery time objective (RTO) from three days to three hours.
  • The solution saved The Hut Group more than $950,000 in capital expenditures, which was reinvested in the business.
  • The Hut Group maintained local data sovereignty and fulfilled its compliance regulations in the United Kingdom.

The Hut Group needed to safeguard the integrity and availability of its website portfolio as it grew with the addition of new sites and partners. However, the company’s disaster recovery solution was slow, expensive, and relied on time-intensive manual processing and testing that could take three days to complete and get the sites back online. The Hut Group also had to ensure its data was stored and protected within the U.K. to comply with the country’s local data sovereignty laws and regulations.

     "Should something catastrophic happen, we will be able to recover in vCloud Air [powered by OVH] and begin to ship products again with the knowledge that it will work.” — Schalk Van Der Merwe, CTO, The Hut Group

Solution Delivered
The Hut Group chose to implement vCloud Air powered by OVH  to gain robust, asynchronous replication capabilities at the hypervisor layer. The VM footprint has grown steadily with more than 850 VMs replicated to the disaster recovery cloud upholding strict RTO and recovery point objective targets. This disaster recovery solution is compliant, with the production data workloads contained in The Hut Group’s on-premises data center in the U.K. The experience led the company to spin up a new dedicated instance to house the test dev workloads, allowing for flexibility and consistency across their environments.

Results, ROI, and Future Plans
By deploying vCloud Air powered by OVH for disaster recovery, The Hut Group saved more than $950,000 in capital expenditures, freeing up funds for business reinvestment. The Hut Group now has a resilient, cost-effective disaster recovery solution that can easily and quickly scale to production workloads. With vCloud Air powered by OVH, The Hut Group’s IT staff is assured minimal downtime and can expand its website portfolio without undue risk.

     “We are actively driven to keep ensuring that we keep growing. We want to get bigger, better, and faster, and any downtime is detrimental to us.” — Schalk Van Der Merwe, CTO, The Hut Group

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