Why would I use a Storage server?

Why would I use a Storage server?

By Michael Montero

If you’ve been going through the server options offered by OVHcloud, you have probably stumbled across our Storage family. With servers that offer up to 72 TB of storage, these servers can hold a significant amount of data. But what are the reasons we could conceivably need this much data? In this article, we will explore three of the biggest use cases for a Storage server: backup repositories, large databases, and housing multimedia content for your website.

Backup Repositories

Suppose you are a customer with a Hosted Private Cloud service from OVHcloud. If you have a robust environment with numerous VMs, you have probably signed up for our Managed Veeam® Backup offering to give yourself the redundancy necessary to protect your VMs. Veeam® will ask you for a backup repository to which you wish to send your VM backups, and a Storage server is the perfect target. To learn more about how to use Managed Veeam® Backup, please check out our Getting Started with Veeam Backup & Replication (Enterprise) article.

Of course, you don’t just have to be a Hosted Private Cloud customer to benefit from using Storage servers as a backup repository. You can back up your on-prem environment to us using any backup method of your choice. We recommend bringing your own Veeam® license, but that is just one of many methods you can use to leverage our storage infrastructure for your redundancy needs.

Large Databases

Databases can take up a lot of space. When they become large enough, it is often best to silo them to a storage server and network them to the rest of your infrastructure. With OVHcloud, you can use vRack to optimize your speed and security between the database server and the servers that depend on it.

Additionally, leveraging OVHcloud Storage servers can be a great option for housing multiple databases on the same hardware. Databases are always subject to growth and using a Storage server ensures that your databases have plenty of room to grow with your company.

Housing Multimedia Content

If you are hosting a website that relies on numerous videos, images, or other large multimedia files, you know that those files take up a lot of storage space. That makes this the perfect use case for a Storage server from OVHcloud.

By storing all of our multimedia files on the Storage server, you can free up the storage drives on your web server while giving yourself ample room to add more files on the new Storage server. The difference in speed will be so minute that the end user won’t even notice they aren’t getting the files delivered from the same server.


There are many great reasons to use a Storage server with OVHcloud. We have the best pricing, and the most bang for your buck, and we are a leading provider of infrastructure in the world. For all of your heavy storage needs, try out a Storage server with OVHcloud today!

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