vSAN Use Cases for Healthcare

vSAN Use Cases for Healthcare

vSAN Use Cases for Healthcare

In today's healthcare environment, data protection and disaster recovery processes are critical to ensure the safety and security of patient information. Healthcare organizations require a high-speed IT infrastructure that provides transactional support in times of need. VMware's vSAN, powered by OVHcloud, offers a hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) that simplifies data protection, disaster recovery, and storage while increasing efficiency and mobility.

This guide will detail the use cases of vSAN in healthcare environments. With vSAN, healthcare professionals can access critical applications from any device, which can enable quicker diagnoses and enhanced processes.


Why vSAN?

With VMware’s vSAN, you implement the correct protocols to ensure your patients’ data is readily available and replicated on the storage options of your choice. This increased control over data can contribute to a more mobile-friendly work environment in the event of failover for a disaster recovery event.

vSAN also offers an infrastructure that increases your ability to cope with stringent compliance and storage requirements. HCI provided by VMware’s vSAN provides this by connecting the digitization of healthcare with your commitment to patients.

Below are healthcare-specific use cases for vSAN:


vSAN Use Cases  

Medical Imaging 

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to play a larger role in MRIs, CT scans, X-Rays, and ultrasounds, the volume of disc space needed to store these images must expand. vSAN lets you control how much space you need and gives you increased data transfer capabilities. 


Electronic Health Records 

Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems provide digital records of patient health information and records used by providers. You need an infrastructure that can fulfill constant data retrieval times and high connectivity with external networks. vSAN can ensure the continuity of these records. 


Mobile Applications 

With a higher variety of mobile apps, clinicians need higher availability. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) can deliver these applications securely throughout their facility/network. vSAN gives you a dependable infrastructure to house these applications. 


Disaster Recovery 

Due to the sensitive nature of the records your healthcare organization maintains, the threat of data loss is significantly higher. You need an infrastructure with increased speed, redundancy, and flexible storage capabilities to minimize downtime and data loss. 


OVHcloud-Specific Benefits and Technical Use Case Scenarios   

VMware’s vSAN powered by OVHcloud can provide flexibility to your healthcare organization’s IT infrastructure. You own your data and storage capabilities end to end, even with increasingly stringent compliance requirements. 

With around-the-clock server access and full vSphere access, OVHcloud gives you a great on-prem experience in the cloud. 

  • Start with as few as three hosts and add on-demand computing and storage within minutes.
  • Increase resources at hourly or monthly intervals for increased flexibility and scalability.
  • No ingress or egress fees provide predictable billing.
  • Unlimited 50Gbps connectivity to the host.
  • 50,000 reads/writes on NVMe drives for a highly transactional database engine.
  • Advanced technology, including the highest core and thread, counts.


Simplify Your Healthcare Organization’s Infrastructure with vSAN  

In the future, healthcare organizations can become bottlenecked without a high-speed IT infrastructure that can provide transactional support in times of need. And without the correct infrastructure in place, you may not be able to handle the challenges surrounding the storage and availability of your data in the event of a disaster recovery event or outage.  

Simplify your data protection and disaster recovery processes and increase the availability of highly transactional data from any device. Benefit from VMware’s vSAN hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) and witness the future of data mobility, security, and storage.  

With VMware’s vSAN powered by OVHcloud, you can reduce liabilities, streamline data across highly transactional applications, cut costs, and increase efficiency.   

For more information about VMware vSAN, or to speak with a representative, contact our healthcare solutions architects.  

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