OVHcloud Virtual Private Server (VPS) 2020

OVHcloud Virtual Private Server (VPS) 2020

OVHcloud™ is very pleased to showcase our Virtual Private Server (VPS) 2020 range. With a wide array of options to meet the needs of any user, these VPS's are extremely popular. Whether you are creating a small blog for personal use or are starting up a high-volume business venture, our VPS solutions are here to help you succeed.

Meet the new range:


Memory: 2 GB
Processor: 1 vCore
Storage: 20 GB SSD SATA
Public Bandwidth: 100 Mbps

The perfect product to get your feet wet. This budget-friendly VPS starts at only $3.50 month and is ideal for any user who has any pet projects such as a personal blog or school project. Our Starter VPS comes with the ability to attach failover IPs and take snapshots.


Processor: 1 vCore
Memory: 2 GB
Storage: 40 GB NVMe
Public Bandwidth: 250 Mbps

Want a little more power? Need the ability to use automated backups? Look at getting the Value VPS. With faster NVMe storage and over double the bandwidth of VPS Starter, this VPS can handle more website traffic and packs a punch at an unbelievably low price starting at $6.00/month!


Processor: 2 vCores
Memory: 4 GB
Storage: 80 GB NVMe
Public Bandwidth: 500 Mbps

Need to run a Windows Server? Take a look at the Essential VPS solution starting at $11.50/month. With double the power of the Value VPS, the Essential VPS will run Windows seamlessly and support your higher workloads.


Processor: 4 vCores
Memory: 8 GB
Storage: 160 GB NVMe
Public Bandwidth: 1 Gbps

Want to host a small gaming server? Want to experiment with hypervisors and create VMs? Check out our Comfort VPS. Starting at $23.00/month, this VPS will be able to handle steady web traffic and is a great choice to handle your blooming business.


Processor: 8 vCores
Memory: 8 GB – 32 GB RAM
Storage: 160 GB – 640 GB NVMe
Public Bandwidth: 2 Gbps

This highly customizable Elite VPS is a beast. With 8 vCores and up to 32 GB’s of RAM this extremely powerful VPS can host games with ease, create multiple VMs, or support high volumes of traffic for your business. Starting at $34.00/month this is an ideal machine for anyone who needs to support multiple customers. Whether it’s as a reseller splitting the VPS into smaller VMs or a business who needs to support high amounts of internet traffic, this machine has you covered.

With ability to attach failover IP’s, take snapshots, and use automated backups*, our wide variety of VPS solutions should fit any small business need you have. To take a more in depth look at these great offerings, check out the VPS page or email us at

*automated backups not available for the Starter VPS.


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