vSAN Benefits of Modernizing Healthcare IT Infrastructure

vSAN Benefits of Modernizing Healthcare IT Infrastructure

vSAN Benefits of Modernizing Healthcare IT Infrastructure 

As technology evolves, so does its role in helping modern healthcare entities deliver critical patient care. Quickly, efficiently, and securely collecting data results in faster diagnoses and treatment. Thus, high availability and reliability are essential for healthcare organizations’ cloud infrastructure solutions.

Highly available, reliable infrastructures aren’t only critical from a practical standpoint but also from a compliance perspective. As technology increases, so too do HIPAA and PCI DSS requirements. This raises the demand for HIPAA and PCI-compliant cloud infrastructures, such as VMware vSAN powered by OVHcloud, that combine performance, security, and cost reductions.

With vSAN, healthcare providers can streamline their infrastructure and provide patients with the healthcare they need in a seamless environment, even during an outage or disaster.

Additionally, when you partner with OVHcloud for your VMware vSAN, you enjoy increased data flexibility and control (as well as the latest technology and highest thread counts for your processors). We are also HIPAA and PCI DSS compliant, so you can benefit from a provider who understands compliance.


What Are the Benefits of vSAN?

Some of the most common healthcare functions in healthcare rely on intensive infrastructure. vSAN can solve infrastructure limitations with the following benefits: 


Performance and Reliability

Your cloud infrastructure needs to deliver applications quickly, efficiently, and consistently, especially in the face of high-demand applications or outages. 

You likely provide healthcare over the internet, need to access your patient's healthcare history, and issue diagnoses based on patient record analysis. vSAN can make transactional data availability fast and seamless with high-speed NVME drives and multicore processors.  

As a healthcare organization, you must fulfill the needs of numerous users trying to pull data simultaneously. vSAN can provide accelerated data speeds with its highly transactional properties.

With up to 50,000 reads and writes per second, OVHcloud can handle the demand of multi-user workloads, including patient records and sensitive applications.


Increased IOPS

vSAN not only gives your data more protection and accessibility, but it also saves time and money. With increased IOPs, vSAN exchanges data faster between systems. Administrators can move data at extremely high speeds (up to 50,000 reads/writes per second) using high-performance software-defined storage. vSAN also creates a large storage pool across multiple hosts local to the organization.

Without vSAN’s ability to link data, you risk latency issues and a slowdown of your operations. In the future healthcare environment, you will need your data linked across greater distances. vSAN offers a ready-made solution for this issue. 

Easily connect clusters across the country with vSAN. As your environment changes, you can add, remove, or optimize storage to manage your infrastructure more effectively. 



vSAN allows you to modify your computing and storage capabilities linearly as your needs change. Adding nodes scales your computing and storage while vSAN redistributes the data automatically to optimize performance. vSAN’s treatment of storage as an exclusive resource of the cluster introduces operational and design flexibility that doesn’t exist with legacy infrastructure – giving a more modular and predictable approach to growth.



vSAN delivers enterprise-level availability to ensure your environment is dependable, stable, and compliant. With vSAN, your data is mirrored across the cluster – not just across storage devices – and increases your reliability and uptime. You can also further define storage requirements by VM to determine how to provision and allocate storage within the data store to help reach the required level of service.



Your cloud infrastructure must adhere to applicable regulatory compliance acts, such as HIPAA and PCI DSS. vSAN offers native HCI encryption, protecting against unwanted access to data-at-rest. Single keys per cluster work with KMIP-compliant key management servers to simplify encryption management. Isolate VMs housing sensitive information and encrypt on a per-cluster basis.



VMware vSAN by OVHcloud provides the high-speed infrastructure to support the performance, availability, security, and scalability requirements of today’s healthcare organizations. Its flexibility bridges the traditional gap between siloed hardware and software solutions for simplified management.

OVHcloud’s VMware heritage brings the support and predictability your modern healthcare organization needs. Contact us today to learn more about how VMware’s vSAN can best position your organization as HIPAA and PCI compliance becomes more complex.

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