Seven Reasons to Consider OVHcloud as Your New Private Cloud Provider

Seven Reasons to Consider OVHcloud as Your New Private Cloud Provider

OVHcloud is excited to introduce you to our new range of private cloud products. Our Hosted Private Cloud (HPC) Premier line offering includes vSAN VMware® hyper-converged storage utilizing NVMe disks, a new strong network topography known as One Network, and many hardware improvements over our 2018 line. Let’s get into why OVHcloud’s new offering is the right choice for your business.

One – Our HPC offering has always been built on a VMware platform and HPC Premier is no different. VMware brings compute, storage, and network virtualization into a natively integrated stack that combines hyper-converged software (vSphere plus vSAN) with network virtualization (NSX) enabling a simpler and cheaper way to deliver a private cloud. With the ability to fully automate the adding of hosts and resources, you are able to get your private cloud environment up and running in no time. OVHcloud’s HPC 2020 utilizes VMware’s vSphere 6.7 and our new HPC Premier offering has vROps and NSX included, giving you more value for your hard-earned dollars.

Two – Global availability. Growing your business internationally is a cinch with OVHcloud. When you choose us as your hosted private cloud provider, you are able to host your data in 30 global data centers including data centers in the U.S., Canada, and Europe. Making the most of our global availability will help you connect with customers in multiple regions with minimal lag or performance issues. Utilizing our extremely fast global private network with a 20Tbps total network capacity, you can connect all your hosts throughout the world together through our patented vRack technology at a minimum of 10Gbps!

Three – Our new vSAN offering. Have heavy data workloads? Need support for high-performance applications? Need more hosts, with faster bandwidth? With full SSD datastores that can increase to 39TBs per host, two public NIC’s capable of 25Gbps data transfer and two private NIC’s capable of 50Gbps data transfer, this beast of an offering will handle anything you throw at it.

Four – Advantages over the competition. Our integrated HPC model allows structural cost efficiency advantages. At OVHcloud you pay for what you truly use, we don’t nickel and dime. Control plan servers are on us, OVHcloud’s geo-redundant private network is included, we have no ingress or egress charges, unlimited and unmetered bandwidth, full-featured anti-DDoS security included, and we include a VMware vSphere Enterprise+ license. Our price catalogs are fully accessible via APIs for FinOps and CMP with no API-call charges.

Five – Backup, disaster recovery (DR), and migration technologies. We all know the importance of disaster recovery. Which is why at OVHcloud we take it very seriously. We give you the choice between multiple DR and backup options so that you are able to use the same great technologies you are familiar with from your own on-premise environments.

Six – Our new One Network. Have chat or voice application apps? Live video streaming? A big email server to host? Our new scaled-out data center network design offers numerous paths between servers. This new network architecture ensures virtually unconstrained east-west bandwidth in our data centers, greater redundancy, and better security. Utilizing this technology will enable your business to grow rapidly and operate safely.

Seven – Don’t just take our word for it. Check out this amazing testimonial by the California Association of Realtors whose challenges included migrating all of their on-premise computing, keeping financial and identity data safe, and having zero downtime during the migration.

Whether your business needs global data center locations, highly redundant networks, loads of hosts and storage, extremely fast bandwidth speeds, or excellent backup and recovery options OVHcloud has got you covered. Come check out our new lineup here, you won’t be disappointed.


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