New Everyday Low Prices Open up Possibilities for Hosters with OVHcloud

New Everyday Low Prices Open up Possibilities for Hosters with OVHcloud

OVHcloud has lowered prices considerably in the US, and that could be good news for web hosting providers and resellers.

It’s no secret that hosting is a highly competitive, low-margin business. Companies in this space are constantly challenged to offer greater value and lower prices to their customers. From the customer’s view, there are hundreds of vendors to choose from. In the war for price competitiveness, data centers represent massive overhead. It’s a physical asset that your business depends on, and it must be managed effectively.

OVH has built a massive business in Europe by providing extremely affordable, highly performant infrastructure for customers who want to get out of the business of managing data centers. They have achieved their low prices through vertical integration. They build servers themselves and run them with a combination of liquid cooling and natural air, which is significantly cheaper than air conditioning. They own their own 15 Tbps network and boast a proprietary Anti-DDoS solution – a solution built in-house, for which customers are not charged. 

Provisioning and maintenance are automated; servers can be provisioned and configured quickly and are pulled out of production for maintenance with no impact to customers.

These are the advantages OVHcloud hopes hosting providers and resellers will find attractive in the US. Rather than continuing to manage data centers and servers, maintaining high availability, and navigating server refreshes every three to five years, leave it to a company that knows how to deploy and manage infrastructure on a global scale, and save money in the process.

Hosting providers and resellers should be focusing on delivering value to their customers, through additional services built on highly performant infrastructure or through relentless customer service and support. OVHcloud can make it easier for them to do just that.

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