Hosted Private Cloud: The Flexibility of a Private Cloud Environment

Hosted Private Cloud: The Flexibility of a Private Cloud Environment

Cloud computing is a highly flexible solution that enables companies to embrace agility and grow in step with their real-time data storage, processing, and computational needs. For startups, especially, it is a cost-effective way to manage rapid scale and an approach by which they can achieve maximum reliability, security, and performance in every process.

private cloud takes cloud hosting a step further, delivering all the advantages of the public cloud while isolating your resources into a single-tenant environment. You have all the agility of other cloud solutions with more control and customizability of systems, data, and applications.

It’s a situation much like when we compare shared hosting to dedicated servers; a private cloud environment offers greater control, flexibility, security, and performance. Since space is not shared with other users, it can be configured to your exact specifications. This is a significant advantage if you operate in a high-compliance industry like medicine, research, education, infrastructure, or local government – basically, any sector that operates and leverages massive amounts of private data.

Public Cloud vs. Private Cloud

Conversely, if your systems are housed in a public cloud, you share resources with other users. Of course, those other users are not visible to you or you to them, but you are limited in some very significant ways. Plus, if data privacy compliance is a primary concern, going private might really be your only choice, aside from an entirely on-premise solution.

The public cloud is often less expensive than the private cloud and offers the ability to pay as they go. Initial costs are lower, allowing them to get up and running quickly. Resources can be added or scaled-down on-demand without too much trouble, and unless compliance is a major issue, the level of security is sufficient for most needs.

In a sense, the difference is like using a company vehicle as opposed to purchasing one outright. The company vehicle is maintained by your employer. All you have to do is buy gas when you need it, and if it breaks down, someone else fixes it.

The private cloud is like a purchased vehicle. It’s got all the features you need, and you’ve customized it the way you like it, but you’re responsible for the upkeep along the way.

Hosted Private Cloud

In a private cloud environment, organizations are largely responsible for maintaining their own systems and servers. Hosted private cloud takes it a step further in that the cloud vendor manages many of the back-end functions, such as maintenance, upgrades, support, security, and availability.

Here are some of the key features of an OVHcloud hosted private cloud:

Ability to add or delete data stores as needed

Your infrastructure can be replicated across multiple data centers for increased performance and availability, offering boundless possibilities without limits.

If you require more hardware resources to create new virtual machines, datastores can be added or removed at any time and as needed. Access your datacenter panel to monitor the space you are using throughout your entire infrastructure and adjust as needed.

If we manage your cloud, we monitor your processes for you. If we detect an incident on one of your hosts, we replace it immediately, ensuring high availability.

Ability to move VMs to different locations or quickly replicate

If you are scaling up, upgrading, or moving systems between OVHcloud private cloud instances, it is easy to move or replicate VMs without any fear of interruption or data compromise. Because your machines are dedicated, they can be customized with the specific resources you need for each deployment. For example, each VM can have its own storage capacity, network rules, vRAM, and vCPU.

Having a template to replicate VMs is a way to simplify the process even further, and we make that easy, too, via our VM Wizard. Creating and uploading ISO images to the VM can also be accomplished in just a couple of clicks.

Once the replicated VM is transferred to the new server, it runs seamlessly with no service interruptions whatsoever.

Amazing disaster recovery and backup options

Backup and disaster recovery is a fundamental concern for any enterprise. In a world where even a second of downtime can mean millions of dollars lost—not to mention the irreparable damage to your reputation—a reliable disaster recovery plan is essential.

OVHcloud hosted private cloud offers comprehensive disaster recovery options for small businesses and enterprises. Clients have a multitude of options at their disposal, not to mention a robust infrastructure that is fully equipped with everything you need to ensure your data remains secure, no matter what happens.

What Could Go Wrong?

Developing a disaster recovery plan (DRP) is an essential undertaking for any company. In times of great volatility, smart business leaders always plan for any eventuality. Not doing so could put their business continuity and the safety and security of their systems—and people—at risk.

If the unthinkable happens, are you ready?

  • Malware attacks. Once cybercriminals have breached your systems, they can bring even the most powerful organizations to their knees very quickly.
  • Major weather systems, like hurricanes, tornadoes, and electrical storms can wipe out data systems, servers, and physical locations.
  • Disasters like earthquakes, fires, flooding, tsunami, or sewer overflow can destroy equipment, file systems, and force employees out of the workplace.
  • Wartime and terrorist activity force closing or abandonment of locations and can cause devastating loss and damage.

These are just a few examples of why it is vital to have a backup and disaster recovery plan in place. If your data and systems are backed up and running on a VM, business and service delivery will continue as usual. Your employees can pivot to working remotely, and your customers will never notice a thing.

OVHcloud offers several backup and storage solutions, including:

  • High Availability Storage on two separate servers with guaranteed availability.
  • Veeam Backup-as-a-Service for all of your private cloud VMs.
  • Store, archive, or backup vast quantities of data to our dedicated servers. High storage capacities and write speeds accommodate every possible need, including hot-swapping.

Zerto Virtual Replication for Your DRP

Virtual machines are duplicated and paired together on hypervisors using a virtual replication appliance. If you experience any service interruptions for any reason, you can migrate your infrastructure instantly. Virtual replication requires a secondary private cloud before this action can be deployed.

Disaster recovery processes can be fully automated, ensuring the migration is accomplished efficiently and reliably, whether IT is present or not. Whether your disruptions are planned or unplanned, Zerto guarantees simplicity, reliability, and scalability to suit any need.

Conclusion - Hosted Private Cloud

Hosted private cloud is the right choice for many organizations. It offers superior flexibility and a wealth of options to help you stay up and running, even in the most challenging scenarios. Reach out today to learn more about how an OVHcloud private hosted cloud can help you grow.


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