DDoS Protection for the gaming community

DDoS Protection for the gaming community

How important is DDoS protection in the gaming community? DDoS protection is an essential need because networks are constantly under attack. This is especially true in the gaming community, where rival hosters or frustrated gamers will stop at nothing to bring your server down. At OVHcloud, our gaming customers benefit from this protection: notably by our ability to meet the needs of scalability, globalization and security. We recently traveled to Sarasota, Florida, to discuss the priorities of the gaming community with one of our largest Minecraft gaming customers, Apex Hosting, LLC. Apex Hosting is one of the oldest and largest Minecraft hosting companies in the world. Their mission statement is to provide the highest quality of hardware and support while having a focus on education.

After starting with OVHcloud seven years ago in just a single location, Apex Hosting has grown 500% in the last 12 months alone with the help of our global data centers. "We went from growing about one server every three to six weeks to about five to eight servers every single day. So, we've been able to scale effectively with OVHcloud's network growth as well," says Apex Hosting co-founder, Seth Mattox. "The Minecraft gaming industry is focused around a group of people whose core purpose is to modify the game that they play on, meaning they are naturally hackers at their core. Apex's network is constantly under attack as a result of these people trying to test out their new skills."

Seth credits the OVHcloud DDoS protection across all their servers as invaluable to their ability to grow and to stay online as they grow.

"They have given us a strong foundation to be able to learn and grow and as their network grows, we’re are able to grow with it." says Seth. OVHcloud is proud to equip its customers with the protection and scalability they need to grow their business.

Apex Hosting utilizes a variety of OVHcloud products, mostly in the bare metal space -- either our Infrastructure servers or our newer GAME servers.

OVHcloud has allowed us great freedom in running our business because we know that the servers we need are always going to be available." – Apex Hosting co-founder, John Rendemonti

Apex Hosting’s journey with OVhcloud.

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