Choose the dedicated server that's right for you

Choose the dedicated server that's right for you

Newcomers to OVHcloud will quickly notice that we offer a large range of server options, grouped into "families" that can sometimes be difficult at first to navigate. We’ll dive into each server range more in-depth in the following weeks, but reading through the following customer scenarios might help to point you in the right direction.

Infrastructure Servers

Kyle owns a small business selling shoes online. He started off small, using a colocation facility to house a small number of servers. However, business is booming. He is rapidly approaching the limitations of his infrastructure and will need to make additional investments to keep operations moving smoothly.

At the same time, it’s been well beyond three years since Kyle started his company and he believes the servers will need to be replaced soon.

Kyle’s business is selling shoes – he does not want to be in the business of managing servers. He is considering moving to a hosting solution.

OVHcloud Infrastructure servers allowed Kyle to build a fully redundant eCommerce website. His business is available to customers 24/7, with low latency and high uptime. vRack, OVHcloud’s proprietary networking solution, allows him to expand wherever his customers need him to be. Now, Kyle can focus on growing profits and expanding his business.

Conclusion: Use infrastructure servers when you need compute, storage, and network performance. This will help you get out of the business of managing physical hardware when you expect your business to scale up or down.

Storage Servers

Mike has been backing up the company’s data (over 500TB) to tape in his internal data center for years now. His CEO has been watching as companies in their industry struggle with data loss and downtime. He asked Mike to evaluate their Disaster Recovery (DR) position and offer a few recommendations.

Mike doesn’t think his business needs a full DR solution, but they do need a place to back up their data in a secure facility and continue to maintain strict retention policies.

One of Mike’s administrators suggested Veeam with a hosted backup target. He chose OVHcloud storage servers, which allowed him to bring his own Veeam license (he could also have purchased a license through OVHcloud).

Mike and his team have stopped backing up their data to tape and feel safer knowing everything is protected and available to them whenever they need it.

Conclusion:Storage servers offer as a cost-effective backup target for large amounts of data, or in a custom DR scenario.

Game Servers

James hosts a community Minecraft server. He started by playing with his friends, but his users grew significantly over time. Now he has over 10,000 players, runs special events, and sells in-game items.

He started off on his home PC and quickly needed to migrate to a Virtual Private Server (VPS). Recently, he made the decision to go with a hosting provider.

Last week, he was the target of a DDoS attack, which could hurt his reputation among his players. The hosting provider null-routed his IP since it was causing other customers issues. Suddenly, his players were unable to reach his environment at all.

James did some research and discovered that OVHcloud has dedicated gaming servers and a proprietary 4 Tbps Anti-DDoS solution designed specifically to protect gaming businesses like his.

Conclusion:Use game servers with dedicated DDoS protection to host multiplayer gaming sessions and protect your business.

One of the strengths of dedicated servers is that they are versatile – you can build the solution you need on top of highly performant infrastructure. Use this as a starting point, and then visit our product page to purchase the servers that fit your requirements.

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