6 Reasons why an OVHcloud Dedicated Server is the Right Choice

6 Reasons why an OVHcloud Dedicated Server is the Right Choice

Dedicated servers solve some of the most challenging IT infrastructure problems facing businesses today. They give you full control of your environment with the ability to build your server(s) and customize them to the unique specifications required to run your applications. Dedicated servers offer powerful performance for businesses that demand high-performance or critical computation power. With no virtualization overhead, total response times are increased, and performance is not impacted by other tenants. And, finally, a dedicated server provides you with reliable performance and quick-and-easy provisioning so you can focus on your business, not your infrastructure.

Building out your IT infrastructure and choosing a service provider to support it is one of the most important decisions you can make for your business. It is important to invest in the right technology that suits your specific needs.

Here are a few reasons why a dedicated server from OVHcloud is the right choice for your business.

Cloud data ingress/egress fees adding up? OVHcloud dedicated servers include unmetered and unlimited public/private network traffic across its globally 17Tbps owned private network. Send and receive as much data as you want with no cap and no additional charges. With no ingress and egress fees organizations like yours will avoid invoice shock and vendor lock-in while delivering predictive costs as your infrastructure grows.

Application layer DDoS attacks a concern for your gaming platform? The likelihood of becoming a target for a DDoS attack is higher than normal when hosting a game. Having your IP publicly available for any gamer is a necessity to build up a user base, but also puts you at risk. With OVHcloud Game DDoS protection, you can protect against these threats and ensure your game users do not experience any issues with unnecessary lag or being unable to connect to your server. OVHcloud Game DDoS protection uses permanent L7/application layer DDoS protection for its Game servers and, as the name suggests, specifically targets certain gaming and communication protocols. Not using a Game server? No problem, all our dedicated servers come with free DDoS protection.

AMD processors: OVHcloud™ is now offering the new AMD Ryzen CPUs. AMD has made great strides in its processor architecture including higher core density and frequency. With Ryzen, AMD has moved a lot of the functions that used to be on the motherboard into the CPU, like PCI controllers, SATA, and even USB controllers, all of which allows for higher performance and lower power consumption. In fact, according to PCgames.com, "AMD may have usurped the top spot for the best CPU for gaming with its latest Ryzen 3000 processors." https://www.pcgamesn.com/best-cpu-for-gaming-2020

Need multiple servers to communicate without oversaturating the network? Enhance your infrastructure by connecting your servers using vRack (private network) without using a public network interface card (NIC). This capability enables networking of multiple OVHcloud servers from any OVHcloud datacenter over completely private vLANs, allowing a secure transfer of data and an increase of speed over the public internet.

BIOS level access: OVHcloud provides direct access to your BIOS settings or to update the firmware on your dedicated server. A key benefit of accessing the BIOS is the ability to see whether there is a hardware malfunction, or if the operating system software has become unstable. In addition, you can configure the BIOS for security purposes or to meet specific compliance standards or install your own operating system.

ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certified: OVHcloud is certified for the Information Security Management System of Dedicated Servers. The scope of the Information Security Management System covers the provision, connectivity, operational support and decommissioning of dedicated servers allocated to customers, the resources provided to customers for the configuration, use and monitoring of allocated infrastructure and service management by OVHcloud teams.

OVHcloud dedicated servers are used by web hosting, game hosting providers, and vendors of SaaS applications. OVHcloud is also attracting AI and critical enterprise platform applications to its dedicated servers. Whether you’re looking to host a gaming application or to overhaul your enterprise infrastructure, we’re here to help you reach your goals. To learn more, please visit our website.

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