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A wide range of instances with guaranteed performance

Explore a catalog of premium instance types, with fully-guaranteed resources. General Purpose instances have a balanced distribution of resources, and suit most uses. CPU instances, on the other hand, are particularly powerful in terms of computing power. As for RAM instances, they offer a high volume of memory.


If you are not sure what sort of CPU/RAM balance you need, you can use these instances for a smooth start, with the ability to scale up or down in the future.

100% of your resources, 100% of the time

With this range's guaranteed resources, you can harness the full power of your server at any time. Resources are 100% dedicated to you, providing your projects with all the power they need.

Local SSD disks

To ensure optimal read/write performance, hypervisors host the virtual machine disks locally. These storage points are supported by a RAID-mounted SSD disk array, to ensure durability and efficiency for your data.

Our range

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General Purpose

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Description Deploy cloud instances with guaranteed resources and an ideal CPU-RAM balance for a wide range of uses Get cloud servers with guaranteed resources, and particularly well-suited to applications that require high computing power Create the most suitable instances for databases, applications that are loaded in memory, and other RAM-intensive uses
Name b2 c2 r2
Number of cores

from 2 vCores to 32 vCores

+2 GHz

from 2 vCores to 32 vCores

+3 GHz

from 2 vCores to 32 vCores

+2 GHz

Memory from 7 GB to 120 GB RAM from 7 GB to 120 GB RAM from 15 GB to 240 GB RAM
Storage from 50 GB to 400 GB of disk space from 50 GB to 400 GB of disk space from 50 GB to 400 GB of disk space


Use cases

Front-end server cluster

Thanks to their CPU/RAM ratio, General Purpose instances are particularly suitable for hosting the first line of a multi-tier application. Front-end server clusters, including web servers such as Apache or Nginx, may require a higher number of vCores for concurrent access.

Distributed database

Databases are often optimised to use a large amount of memory, which limits disk access. RAM instances provide 15 GB of RAM per vCore (except r2-15), creating optimal conditions for requests to be quickly executed on a MySQL/Galera or MongoDB engine (for example).

Specialist tasks

Many applications designed to perform specific tasks (machine learning, for example) have highly specific computing requirements. Once the task in question is complete, there is no need to maintain an inactive server. CPU instances are perfect for kinds of tasks.

How to

Boot an instance
openstack server create --flavor b2-60-flex --image debian server01

Resize an instance
openstack server resize --flavor c2-120-flex --comfirm server01

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By choosing the "flexible" option, you can increase or decrease the size of your instance at any time. You can even switch to a different family of instances, e.g. from a b2-60 model to a c2-120.

Unlimited snapshots

As with all instances, you can trigger a live snapshot at any time. This will replicate the state of your system disk on a dedicated space, so that you can restore it as it is later.

A wide range of operating systems

Choose from more than 15 Linux distributions, as well as Windows and FreeBSD operating systems. You can also import your images. Many formats are supported, including those from the most popular private or public clouds.

Add volumes

By coupling your instances with the Block Storage service, you can add flexible storage space to them. You can also boot your instances on these additional volumes by deploying the system on this space.

Pricing Public Cloud

Guaranteed Resources Billing

Guaranteed Resources instances are billed like all of our other instances, on a pay-as-you-go basis at the end of each month. The price depends on the size of the instance you have booted, and the duration of its use.