Cloud Object Storage

Unlimited cloud storage and immediate HTTP access powered by OpenStack Swift API

OVHcloud storage combines performance and scalability

Object Storage

Looking for unlimited data storage in the cloud? With OVHcloud Object Storage, you only pay for what you use, with no size or duration limitations. With OpenStack Swift technology, you can store your high-performance data in the OVHcloud environment and instantly access it at any time. This solution is ideal for web projects and can be used to make your objects available through HTTP.

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Storage Made Easy

Instead of complicated file systems, proprietary technologies, or generations of hardware, OVH Object Storage takes a simple data management approach. Using the API or OVH Manager, you can upload and delete any type of data to and from one or more containers. Regardless of the volume of data or number of objects you have, you can access them simply via a public or secure URL.

Object Storage Reference Architecture


Unlimited Storage

Unlimited storage

You can store as much data as you need.


Portability and Deployment Automation

Portability and deployment automation guaranteed

You can migrate to and from a third-party provider’s platform at any time, simplifying your file management.

As a member of the OpenStack Foundation, OVH provides access to OpenStack’s Swift API and its management interface Horizon, in addition to the OVH API and Manager.

NEWS: OVH selected by Cloud Spectator as Leading Cloud Provider

NEWS: OVH Named Leading Cloud Service Provider

In its first appearance in Cloud Spectator's annual Top Ten European Cloud Providers report, OVH takes first place in Europe and rises to second place in North America.


Object Storage

$0.015 GB / month

  • Powered by OpenStack
  • Unlimited storage
  • Triple replication
  • 100% durability
  • Ingress traffic included
  • Egress traffic: $0.014 / GB


Your data
  • Unlimited number of containers
  • All file types
  • Up to several petabytes of storage
  • 3 types of containers (public, private, and web static)
Security and network
  • OVH and OpenStack API
  • OVH Manager v6
  • Advanced rights management
  • Hours and contact methods
  • Level 1 incidents (e.g. server unavailable):
    • Intervention Time: 1 hour
    • Repair Time: Intervention + 2
  • Level 2 incidents (e.g. abnormal operation, software config problems)
    • Intervention Time: 12 hours
Service-Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Monthly Availability Rate: 99.999%
  • File durability: 100%

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