Cloud Block Storage / Additional Drives

Traditional “disk” storage for all your needs – high speed and triple data replication!

Need more “disk space” for your Cloud Instance? No problem.

Block Storage

Instead of having to buy more instances to increase storage capacity, OVH Block Storage lets you add more “disks” to your instance. You can attach your storage to instances, or move storage between instances (in the same data center). You can design the storage that meets your needs:  by size (from 10 GB to 10 TB) and by performance desired (hard drive or SSD).

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Getting the most from OVH Block Storage

Add disk space

Accurately size your disk based on your storage requirements

Migrate data

Access your data from any of your public cloud instances


Unlimited Storage

Data managed your way

You get an unlimited number of volumes per instance, up to several petabytes of storage, with guaranteed I/O performance, topped off with triple replication.  OVH provides management via the OVH & OpenStack API and our customer friendly OVH Manager.


Portability and Deployment Automation

Guaranteed access & resiliency

You get a 100% file resiliency SLA and a network availability SLA of 99.999%.


NEWS: OVH Named Leading Cloud Service Provider

NEWS: OVH Named Leading Cloud Service Provider

In its first appearance in Cloud Spectator's annual Top Ten European Cloud Providers report, OVH takes first place in Europe and rises to second place in North America.



Standard Volume

$0.055 GB / month

  • 200 IOPS* - guaranteed I/O performance
  • Unlimited number of volumes
  • Triple replication
  • 100% durability
High Speed Volume

$0.110 GB / month

  • Up to 3000 IOPS*
  • Unlimited number of volumes
  • Triple replication
  • 100% durability

*Input/output operations per second (IOPS)


Your data
  • Unlimited number of volumes per instance
  • Guaranteed I/O performance
  • Up to 10 terabytes of storage
  • Triple data replication
Security and network
  • OVH and OpenStack API
  • OVH Manager v6
  • Hours and contact methods
  • Level 1 incidents (e.g. server unavailable):
    • Intervention Time: 1 hour
    • Repair Time: Intervention + 2
  • Level 2 incidents (e.g. abnormal operation, software config problems)
    • Intervention Time: 12 hours
Service-Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Network uptime: 99.999%
  • File durability: 100%

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