vRack (Virtual Rack) – Private Virtual Local Area Networking

Group services, connect virtually, and communicate privately

vRack – Private Virtual Local Area Networking

vRack - Private Virtual Local Area Networking

With vRack (virtual rack) technology, your OVHcloud services can be connected, isolated, or spread across one or multiple secure private networks. Using our unique network technology, you can build complex private infrastructures on a global multi-data center scale.

Start by grouping your services, regardless of the number and physical location, in our data center. Next, connect them to a virtual switch within the same private network. Your services can then communicate privately and securely with each other over a dedicated VLAN (virtual local area network). No more worrying about connecting or renting racks in a data center. You have all the services and switches you need with guaranteed delivery, installation, and hardware maintenance.

Furthermore, because your servers communicate securely within your private VLAN, you can make the servers accessible through your private or public network. We physically manage your private network, which means your servers don’t require any software applications or network configurations.

Use Cases

Multiple VLANs

Multiply your VLANs

Deploy up to 4000 private VLANs to isolate your servers, to filter customer access, and secure your data.

Hybrid infrastructure

A multi-service infrastructure

vRack adapts to the needs of your business. Build your infrastructure using the products and services of OVHcloud -- dedicated servers, public cloud, and hosted private cloud.

A 100% Private Network

High security infrastructure

Using bastion hosts, or similar secure access to your VLANs, to the maximum -- as an extension of your company network or as part of a critical data hosting system.

Multi-Data Center

Multi-data center VLAN

vRack operates amongst OVHcloud data centers. From Europe to Canada, design your private redundant, distributed infrastructure plan.


Worldwide data center connections

With fiber-optic connections deployed and managed using Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) devices, the OVHcloud network offers a total capacity of 17+ Tbps. Because the links between each data center are doubled, you can easily change routes if necessary and benefit from 100 Gbps coherent.

API accessible

Increase your efficiency by using the OVHcloud API to retrieve commands (i.e., code) to automate or authorize certain tasks according to predefined conditions.

Connectivity and capacity

vRack lives on OVHcloud’s guaranteed low-latency network, with throughputs up to 40 Gbps, depending on your plan. OVHcloud supports up to 4,000 VLANs.

Automatic failover

The IP Load Balancing lets you set up a highly available infrastructure based on the primary/secondary model. This feature — API: BackupState — will automatically migrate your traffic to the secondary if the primary is found to be faulty.

Taking vRack to Task

vRack Connect

vRack Connect

Directly link your business network to OVHcloud’s data centers using the available PoPs.


Yes! IP blocks can be added to vRack free of charge. However, the bandwidth is limited to 600Mbps while using public IP blocks on vRack.

You can build an infrastructure consisting of Dedicated Servers, Hosted Private Cloud, and Public Cloud (Excluding Rise and Game Dedicated Servers).

Yes, you can set up a cross-network VLAN with the Vint Hill, Roubaix, Gravelines, Strasbourg, Beauharnois, Frankfort, London, Sydney, and Singapore data centers.

Yes, you can build an infrastructure integrating one or multiple servers connected to up to 4,000 VLANs.

You can create up to 5 vRacks per customer account.

Use the API to customize the names of your different vRacks or directly in your control panel.

Multicast is tolerated within the limit of 20 packets / seconds / servers.

The limit is based on your server's network card: either 1Gbps, 3Gbps, or 40Gbps. (See table below)

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