Failover IP Blocks

Achieve continuity of service, scalability, virtualization, and more with an ARIN Failover IP Block and the OVHcloud services of your choice

IPs you can transfer between servers

Failover IP Blocks

Assign a block of 4 to 256 additional IP addresses to the dedicated serverspublic cloud instances, or vRack of your choice.

The ARIN Failover IP Block enhances the continuity of services ("failover") for your applications.

Use Cases

Continuity of Service "Failover"

Continuity of Service ("failover")

With failover IP technology, you can switch the IP addresses on your block from one server to another in less than a minute (without interruption of services to your users).

The failover system has been adopted by our clients to:

  • Support server migration (upgrades)
  • Switch projects from a development environment to a production environment
  • Switch traffic to a backup server in case of production machine failure
Server Change/Upgrade

Server Change/Upgrade

Projects on dedicated server A (fixed IP A) are configured to failover server Z.

If server A is not sufficient to manage your projects, you can order a new server. This is described as server B with fixed IP.

For this action:

1) Make copies of your projects and configuration files from server A to B.


2) Change the routing of failover IP Z from server A to server B. Information about your projects and configuration files are assigned to your failover IP on server B. This requires no change in configuration (DNS, APACHE, SMTP, POP3, MySQL, etc.)

Main Server and Backup

Main Server & Backup

You have two servers: A and B. Server A is your main server; server B is your backup server.

Your projects are configured on failover IP Z, routed to server A. You can create regular copies of your projects between the servers.

For this action:

  1. You can change the routing of failover IP from server A to B when server A is down. All your services will work on server B. You will have time to repair server A.
  2. When server A is repaired, you copy your data from server B to A. Then you change the routing of failover IP for B to A. As a result, all services work on server A again.
Hosting Several Projects

Hosting Several Projects

If you administer a larger number of websites, you may use 2 failover IP addresses. Some of your websites will be assigned to failover IP Y and the rest to Z.

When server A doesn't have enough power to manage sites on both Y and Z failover IP , you may order a new server B and route failover IP Z to the B server. Server A won't be administering the sites for Y failover IP which will result in lowering the load and improving its performance.

Solve tough scaling issues in seconds with additional IPs

Ensure Business Continuity with Failover IPs

Ensure business continuity

Configure failover IPs to prevent customer attrition and impacts to internal workloads. Failover IPs are a strategic investment in the security and ongoing operations of your business. With failover IPs, you can quickly recover from disruption or failure of business-critical applications without impacting delivery of services to your customers or users.

Prevent Interruption of Service with Failover IPs

Prevent interruption of service

The failover IP can be switched from one server to another in a few seconds. Therefore, a failover IP allows your hosting services to operate without interruption, helping you overcome hardware failure issues, system overruns, and all kinds of infrastructure problems. In order to take full advantage of the failover IP's power, your hosting services must be configured with the failover IP (as opposed to the server's static IP).

Maintain your Configurations with Failover IPs

Maintain your configurations

If you switch the failover IP from one server to another, you keep the entire configuration linked to that failover IP. You are responsible for copying your projects and configuration files from one server to the other manually. Since the configuration files are linked to the failover IP, and therefore the data and configurations remain the same, everything will keep working once you have switched the failover IP to the new server. You don't need to reconfigure all your projects with the static IP of your new server.


Personalized Addressing

Use an ARIN failover IP block to create your own addressing plan based on your services, clients, and applications.

You can also manage the reverse DNS (PTR) for the IP within your OVHcloud manager.

The ARIN Failover IP Block helps simplify your addressing plan by allocating you a continuous list of IPs (ex., ...).


As research and development of your new virtualized server comes to an end, you'll want to configure a public IP for each virtual machine (VM). The right solution is our ARIN Failover Block.

OVHcloud allows you to associate the media access control address (MAC address) of a virtual machine to a Failover IP and deploy your VMs with any hypervisor in "bridge mode.”

The flow of visitors is redirected to the virtual machine associated to the failover IP.


Choose your quantity of IP blocks.

Failover IP Unit (qty)


Failover IP Unit (qty)


1 IP


2 IPs


4 IPs


8 IPs


16 IPs


32 IPs


64 IPs


128 IPs


256 IPs