Network & Security

Solutions to aid with on-premises or intra-OVH network connectivity, high availability, cloud security, and control

OVHcloud Network and Security

Our products handle even the most complex networking requirements

Whether you are extending an on-premises data center to OVHcloud, managing a group of servers as one private LAN, creating (and managing) a high-availability application deployment, or combining all of the above, OVHcloud has a right-fit solution. Service availability, monitoring, automatic failover? No problem. To mitigate your risk of cyberattacks and keep your services available at all times, every OVHcloud cloud solution includes DDoS protection.


vRack (Virtual Rack) – Private VLANs

Group services, connect virtually, and communicate privately

Failover IPs and Blocks

Additional Internet Protocol (IP) v4 addresses and blocks — one-time setup and no monthly fees

Traffic Management

IP Load-Balancing

IP Load-Balancing

Multi-service and inter data center load-balancing solutions

Bandwidth Upgrades

Combine your guaranteed bandwidth with guaranteed speed and cross-connects


Free with every OVHcloud service: Mitigate your risk of DDoS attacks and keep your services available at all times

OVHcloud Data Centers World Map

Our Global Infrastructure

of global network capacity

33 data centers
spanning four continents

38 redundant PoPs
around the world

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