Network & Security

Solutions to aid with on-premises or intra-OVH network connectivity, high availability, security, and control

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Our products handle even the most complex networking requirements

Whether you are extending an on-premises data center to OVH, managing a group of servers as one private LAN, creating (and managing) a high-availability application deployment, or combining all of the above, OVH has a right-fit solution. Service availability, monitoring, automatic failover? No problem. To mitigate your risk of cyberattacks and keep your services available at all times, every OVH cloud solution includes Anti-DDoS protection.


OVHcloud™ Connect

The shortest network route between your on-premises data center and OVH

vRack (Virtual Rack) – Private VLANs

Group services, connect virtually, and communicate privately

Failover IPs and Blocks

Additional Internet Protocol (IP) v4 addresses and blocks — one-time setup and no monthly fees

Traffic Management

IP Load-Balancing

Multi-service and inter data center load-balancing solutions

Bandwidth Upgrades

Combine your guaranteed bandwidth with guaranteed speed and cross-connects


Free with every OVH service: Mitigate your risk of DDoS attacks and keep your services available at all times

OVH has 32 Global Points of Presence

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