OVHcloud Connect Provider

With our OVHcloud Connect Provider solution, you can secure access between your cloud service providers and our OVHcloud data centers. To do this, you will need to order one or more connections from your service provider, such as OVHcloud, for your multi-cloud and hybrid cloud solutions. Get the benefits of an extended network of points of presence (PoPs) from our provider — Equinix and more to come. This means you can get 200Mbps, 500Mbps, 1Gbps, 2Gbps, or 5Gbps bandwidth.


Our OVHcloud Connect Provider solutions

Bandwidth Installation fees Price
200 Mbps unmetered and guaranteed Free $399 /month
500 Mbps unmetered and guaranteed Free $549 /month
1 Gbps unmetered and guaranteed Free $899 /month
2 Gbps unmetered and guaranteed Free $1,549 /month
5 Gbps unmetered and guaranteed Free $3,499 /month

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US United States Washington Equinix - DC10

The OVHcloud Connect service entry data center must be in the same region as the OVHcloud Connect point of presence you have selected. The available regions are Europe, Canada, Asia-Pacific, and the United States.

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The advantages of our OVHcloud Connect Provider solution

Une solution pensée pour le multicloud

A solution designed for multi-cloud computing

Deploy your applications in the cloud by connecting to our solutions and the world’s leading cloud providers, to get the best services available. Connect to multiple cloud solutions from a single cloud provider with ease and robust security.

 Le protocole de routage Border Gate Protocol (BGP) pour vos architectures complexes

Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) for complex architectures

Our OVHcloud Connect Provider solution works in a layer 3 network. It requires one or more private external BGP sessions to be established between your company and OVHcloud. Our data centers will then be located in your infrastructure’s extended network. This gives you more flexibility, and the ability to make your connections redundant for high availability. For critical environments, we recommend opting for redundancy with two OVHcloud Connect solutions between two geographically distinct points of presence (PoPs), using BGP redundancy mechanisms.

Our suppliers

Equinix is the world’s leader in digital infrastructure. Major players in the digital sector are using our platform to connect infrastructure elements that are essential for their growth. We enable our customers to enter markets, collaborate with partners, and seize the opportunities they need to succeed. With Equinix, they can launch digital services quickly and take a more agile approach, all while offering added value and a better user experience to their own customers.

The advantages of Cross Connect with our providers

Cross Connect is a wired connection between you and one of our data centers. It offers a number of performance and security advantages, including minimal latency, maximum stability, and a much lower chance of technical issues, depending on how close you are to the provider. It also provides a private, secure connection to our cloud. To optimize this solution, choose a point of presence (PoP) from our trusted providers (Equinix, etc.).