Exercise Your Privacy Rights

Exercise Your Privacy Rights

Here at OVHcloud, we are committed to guarding the personal information of all our customers. We do not, nor have we ever, sold personal information for monetary value. However, we may share certain personal information with third parties under circumstances that may be deemed a "sale" under the California Consumer Privacy Act; this includes our use of a handful of third-party analytics and service providers to help us evaluate our web traffic; compilation of statistical reports on activity; and improve our content and website performance.

If you would like to exercise the rights provided to you by the GDPR, the CCPA, or other applicable data privacy laws, you or your authorized agent or representative can either follow the instructions provided below or contact OVHcloud in the following ways:

  • By email at privacy@corp.ovh.us
  • By snail mail to:

    OVH US LLC dba OVHcloud
    Attn: Privacy

    11950 Democracy Drive
    Suite 300
    Reston, VA 20191

For more information about how we handle your personal information, please review our Privacy Policy.

OVHcloud applauds the enactment of these important pieces of legislation in the EU and California and remains steadfastly committed to complying with emerging privacy and data protection initiatives as they are enacted worldwide.

Cookie/Pixel Tag3rd Party ProviderPurposeInstructions
"atidvisitor"AT InternetMeasures site activityVisit the following website
"abtasty"AB TastyIdentifies visitor's browser; analyzes website interactionsAdd the setting "#abtastyoptout=1" at the end of the URL of the OVHcloud website for which you do not wish the AB Tasty cookies to be collected. For example, in order to not receive cookies on the home page of OVHcloud, you must go here.
Pixel TagTwitterTracks visitor engagement with content served by OVHcloud using TwitterVisit the following website
Pixel TagFacebookTracks visitor engagement with content served by OVHcloud using FacebookReview your Facebook Ad Settings via the Facebook Privacy Policy, located here
Pixel TagLinkedInTracks visitor engagement with content served by OVHcloudVisit the following website
Pixel TagGoogleTracks visitor engagement with content served by OVHcloud using GoogleVisit the following website

Access My Information/Delete My Information

If you would like to exercise your right of access and/or deletion (that is, get a copy of the personal information OVHcloud holds about you and/or request that we delete that personal information), please email privacy@corp.ovh.us and your request will be processed through the completion of a simple form.

Please note that, in order to better safeguard your privacy and the privacy of others, we will verify your identity before processing your particular request. Our verification process may require us to request additional information from you. Any request may be denied if it cannot be verified.