vRealize Operations (vROps)

vRealize Operations (vROps)

vRealize Operations (vROps)

The most popular VMware solution for monitoring your OVHcloud Hosted Private Cloud.

From the vROps interface, you can manage your infrastructure, enable monitoring for your VMs, and detect any anomalies on your system. With this solution, you can also easily anticipate your resource requirements to ensure quality of service for your platform. vROps is deployed transparently on your Hosted Private Cloud in read-only mode, providing stability for your environment.

Monitoring for all layers in your infrastructure

You will get standard and custom dashboards detailing the health of your infrastructure, with around 100 indicators. They monitor networks, virtual machines, and storage, so you can get all the information you need on hardware health and performance analysis.

Diagnostics and detailed reports of anomalies

Analyze all anomalies detected on your infrastructure, including full descriptions. You can also enable an alert for when your VMs are saturated, or to check that your updates are consistent.

Resource management for your platform

Anticipate your short and mid term resource requirements, then set up specific scenarios to measure the potential consequences of these events. This way, you will perfect the way you use your infrastructure and optimize your resource usage.

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vROps key features

Surveillance de votre infrastructure

Infrastructure monitoring

Your infrastructure’s state of health is available in a comprehensive dashboard, which includes dozens of details.

Niveau d’utilisation de vos ressources

Resource usage level

At a glance, you can see the current resource usage for each of your virtual machines.

Optimisation du dimensionnement

Optimized scaling

Performance for your platform is optimized to get the very most out of all your resources.

Vue globale de votre infrastructure

An overall view of your infrastructure

The configurations for all of your VMs are detailed in a dynamic dashboard.