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Images et licences pour Hosted Private Cloud

Images and licenses for Hosted Private Cloud

Virtualization technology also expands the capabilities of your hardware, helps you control IT-related costs, and helps you improve your system's reliability and security. We offer a full catalog of virtual machine (VM) image hypervisors, including VMware, CoreOS Linux, and Microsoft®. Our Microsoft pricing is below:

Microsoft® License Pricing

Hosts Physical cores per node Price of Microsoft Windows standard licence per virtual machine Price of Microsoft Windows Datacenter licence
(for a minimum of 7 virtual machines)
PRE vSAN 192 20 $132.50 /VM/month $901 /Host/month
PRE vSAN 384 20 $132.50 /VM/month $901 /Host/month
PRE vSAN 768 20 $132.50 /VM/month $901 /Host/month
PRE 48 12 $39.75 /VM/month $270.30 /Host/month
PRE 96 12 $39.75 /VM/month $270.30 /Host/month
PRE 192 16 $53 /VM/month $360.40 /Host/month
PRE 384 16 $106 /VM/month $720.80 /Host/month
PRE 768 16 $106 /VM/month $720.80 /Host/month
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