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Images et licences pour Hosted Private Cloud

Images and licenses for Hosted Private Cloud

Virtualization technology also expands the capabilities of your hardware, helps you control IT-related costs, and helps you improve your system's reliability and security. We offer a full catalog of virtual machine (VM) image hypervisors, including VMware, CoreOS Linux, and Microsoft®. Our Microsoft pricing is below:

Microsoft® License Pricing

PRE 48 PRE 96 PRE 192 PRE 384 PRE 768 PRE vSAN 192 PRE vSAN 384 PRE vSAN 768
Physical cores per node 12 12 16 16 16 20 20 20
Price of standard license per virtual machine $39.75 /VM/month $39.75 /VM/month $53 /VM/month $106 /VM/month $106 /VM/month $132.50 /VM/month $132.50 /VM/month $132.50 /VM/month
Price of Microsoft Data Center option
(for a minimum of 7 virtual machines)
$270.30 /Host/month $270.30 /Host/month $360.40 /Host/month $720.80 /Host/month $720.80 /Host/month $901 /Host/month $901 /Host/month $901 /Host/month
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