How does web hosting work with dedicated servers?

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What is web hosting?

Web hosting is any physical or virtual solution for hosting websites or e-commerce platforms. A dedicated server from a world-class hosting provider is the ultimate solution in website hosting, and it is an option that could well pay off if you are hosting a professional website or online store. OVHcloud dedicated servers offer highly secure, business web hosting solutions for your own website or e-commerce platforms, with unlimited bandwidth, additional options, and customizable discs.


Privacy Performance

When you choose an OVHcloud dedicated server, you get a machine whose resources (such as the RAM and CPU) are solely allocated to your business and your business alone. Your online store or website will be the only one hosted on the server. This level of dedication is not to be overlooked, as it ensures that your customers get a very reliable, robust service (up to 99.99% SLAs). With root SSH access, you can choose your operating system and configure and install any application, website builder, or content management systems as desired, such as WordPress, PrestaShop, or Magento. 

Customize your server resources to create the ideal shop environment, inspiring trust, driving conversions, and sales. 

In today's marketplace, e-tailers face ever-stringent regulations when it comes to handling customer information and sensitive data in the checkout process, which must be a key consideration whenever you built a site. 

OVHcloud's local servers provide total privacy and isolation from other environments. This heightens protection against cyber-attacks, keeping customer data safe. Powerful anti-DDoS software is included as standard. All our data centers are ISO 27001 certified, and fully compliant with all relevant data regulations, including the GDPR. 

A dedicated server also gives you the flexibility to install any additional security features that you may need. 

A high standard of performance and speed for your e-commerce website is vital to your success, so it's essential that you maximize your uptime. 

Don't risk losing business in a competitive marketplace. On average customers will only wait 3 seconds for your site to load before potentially taking their business elsewhere. With an OVHcloud dedicated server for business hosting, you always receive the same level of performance. Thanks to unlimited traffic, you won't be charged extra when you enjoy a high number of visitors. 

OVHcloud Advance servers boast NVMe disks for maximum speed. Don't miss out on sales due to the frustrating loading speed of web page unavailability. 


Why use a dedicated server as opposed to a web hosting package, virtual private server, or other shared hosting?

Does your website or online store have heavy traffic? Do you want more reliability and security? Do you want better control and server root access?

While a web hosting plan, shared hosting, or a hosting VPS may be a good hosting solution for a personal website, budding retailers, or bloggers, at some point you are going to want to switch to dedicated web hosting if you are committed to growing your business and sales. Medium to large-sized business websites and e-commerce websites with high-performance demands are some of the most common use cases for dedicated web server hosting with private servers. As your business expands, you are likely to find that shared hosting is too limited for your needs, so scalability will be paramount when it comes to enterprise and e-commerce hosting.

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Tip 1. Ensure your website is always online

Set up a high-availability enterprise hosting platform using multiple dedicated web servers across a number of our 30 data centers. Network them together with the industry-leading OVHcloud vRack and an IP load balancer, and combine them with cloud hosting solutions, to create sophisticated hybrid infrastructures.

Tip 2. Use a control panel to simplify management processes

When managing a private server for dedicated hosting, it’s a good idea to simplify the process with a web hosting control panel. You can install cPanel and Plesk automatically from the OVHcloud Control Panel, and manage all your websites, domain names, and subdomains in one place (and sometimes with just one click!).