Software-defined storage (SDS)

Software-Defined Storage (SDS) on OVHcloud dedicated servers


The amount of data a company is required to process increases enormously over time. This raises the question of how to manage this massive influx of information, while controlling costs. Find out how our dedicated servers can meet your needs, while offering optimal durability and security for your data.

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High-performance storage infrastructure

To keep up with the ever-increasing flow of company data, you need to combine access and processing performance at an affordable cost. It is also important to consider expanding your infrastructure in order to keep up with your resource usage. With OVHcloud dedicated servers, you get uncompromised quality — with performance at the best price, and no additional costs for bandwidth, traffic or storage.

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A wide range of storage

Choose from a range of local storage disks that offer outstanding read-write performance. Depending on your project, you can use softRAID to manage your storage redundancy.

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High-performance network and hardware

Your server has a system disk dedicated to the operating system (OS). NVMe drives offer a high IOPS rate, and the lowest latency on the market. You can also optimize your access with the SAS disk cache.

Horizontal scalability

Your infrastructure has unlimited capacity, with up to 24 15TB disks, i.e. 360TB per dedicated server. If required, you can subscribe to private bandwidth options to increase the throughput between the nodes in your cluster.

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Increased flexibility

With Bare Metal servers, you are free to install any software you want.

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Do you already have multiple cloud services, like a website, CRM, ERP, and emails?

To avoid any risks, store all of your data and your entire IT system on a private, centralized software defined storage (SDS) cluster.

With multiple nodes and replication, nothing will be missing in the event of an incident. Costs are fixed, rather than being dependent on the volumes of data exchanged — and you retain full control of the data and systems.

Connect your business network via our OVHcloud Connect solution, or connect your OVHcloud products via the internal vRack network.

Compliance Certifications: ISO 27001, 27017, 27018, and 27701

Options and services included

  • A range of memory and storage options.
  • 50Gbps guaranteed private bandwidth available on High Grade (optional).
  • OVHcloud Link Aggregation (OLA) is available, and enabled by default at no additional cost.

What is Software-Defined Storage (SDS)?

Software-Defined Storage is a way of managing storage within an infrastructure. Typically, hard drives should be physically attached to the servers that use them. This pattern very quickly becomes an obstacle to the expansion and optimal use of the infrastructure, as it is not dynamic enough. This is where Software-Defined Storage (SDS) and software-based storage system management come into play. This architecture is much more efficient because it aggregates all of the storage disks in the infrastructure, so that you can distribute the space accurately to each server or application in the data center. Since companies are storing and manipulating increasing volumes of data, the SDS storage infrastructure is a perfect choice. With OVHcloud servers, there are many advantages to SDS — including data security with softRAID, and hardware with high-performance storage disks specially designed for use in data centers.