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This server is recommended for software-defined storage — and more generally, high-performance storage environments. It combines its computing performance with dense, high-speed storage, which is perfect for data analytics, and high-performance databases.

This scalable configuration is based on an AMD EPYC™ processor with 24 cores. It also offers high availability, with redundant power and hot-swap disks.

This server is also recommended for software-defined storage (SDS) infrastructures, as well as for storing blocks, files and objects.

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Dual power supply

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Hot-swap technology

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A redundant high-speed network

Price: 827.1
CPU: AMD Epyc 7402 24 cores / 48 threads - 2.8 GHz
Storage: 6×3.84 TB SSD NVMe
Private bandwidth: 10 Gbps
Memory: 128 GB DDR4 ECC
Public bandwidth: 1 Gbps

Included with your server

vRack private network - 10Gbps - guaranteed and unlimited

Your server is delivered with our private physical network — vRack. This means you can create your own cluster, or include your server in an existing infrastructure. It is fully isolated from the internet, and delivered at no extra cost.

OVHcloud Link Aggregation

OVHcloud Link Aggregation (OLA) technology is designed by our teams to increase your server’s availability and boost the efficiency of your network connections. In just a few clicks, you can aggregate your network cards and make your network links redundant. This means that if one link goes down, traffic is automatically redirected to another available link.

Service Level Agreement — 99.99%

All of the servers in this range have a 99.99% SLA, ensuring the best availability for your business applications.

Hot swap disks

The hot swap feature can be used to change or add disks without service interruptions, which ensures constant uptime for your services.

Configuration and options

Price for a 12-month commitment
128 GB DDR4 ECC 2,666 MHz Included
256 GB DDR4 ECC 2,666 MHz $62.10 /month
512 GB DDR4 ECC 2,933 MHz $186.30 /month
System storage
2 x 480 GB SSD SATA Soft RAID Included
6 x 3.84 TB SSD NVMe Soft RAID Included
12 x 3.84 TB SSD NVMe Soft RAID $168.30 /month
24 x 3.84 TB SSD NVMe Soft RAID $504.00 /month
6 x 15.36 TB SSD NVMe Soft RAID $671.40 /month
12 x 15.36 TB SSD NVMe Soft RAID $1,535.40 /month
24 x 15.36 TB SSD NVMe Soft RAID $3,265.20 /month
Public bandwidth:
1 Gbps guaranteed Included
4 Gbps guaranteed $358.00 /month
6 Gbps guaranteed $502.00 /month
10 Gbps guaranteed $717.00 /month
Private bandwidth:
10 Gbps guaranteed Included
25 Gbps guaranteed $86.00 /month
50 Gbps guaranteed $143.00 /month

Use cases

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Object storage

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Disaster Recovery Plan

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NAS solution

Support and Documentation

We offer a range of documentation and online support to assist you in setting up and configuring your dedicated server.

Guides and documentation