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Bare Metal FAQ

What will happen to my existing servers?

Your current infrastructure will continue to be supported by OVHcloud U.S. for the foreseeable future however, the older servers ranges will no longer be manufactured or available for sale. We will notify you in the event we discontinue the product or service, or if your infrastructure reaches its end of life.

Can I still buy the older servers?

The older server ranges will no longer be manufactured. Our new product ranges are available with a wide variety of powerful options and alternatives to replace your current machines.

What happens if I have a hardware failure on my older server?

Depending on your OVHcloud licensing agreement, we maintain stock to ensure that we can quickly solve any issues.

What’s the lifetime guarantee for components?

OVHcloud offers 24/7 hardware maintenance on your servers, up to and including full replacement of any defective components, at no charge, throughout the term of your hosting service subscription.

What do set-up fees cover?

Set-up is a one-time fee that covers assembling and connecting your server(s) in one of our data centers. Installation charges are waived with 12- and 24-month commitments.

Can I purchase servers in other countries/data centers?

Yes. OVHcloud U.S. customers can purchase servers in all of the global OVHcloud data centers, except Singapore and Australia, through their account.

Can I add servers in U.S. data centers to my existing, non-U.S. OVHcloud account?

No. Customers with an account with another OVHcloud subsidiary who want to provision servers in the U.S. data centers need to create a separate account with OVHcloud U.S. at OVHcloud U.S. customers can purchase servers in all of the global OVHcloud data centers except Singapore and Australia through their account.

What will happen to IPs allocated to a block if I don’t renew?

Additional IPs and IP blocks routed to your server will be recycled, along with the server, or you can preserve your IPs by moving them to another server.

How do I keep my IPs without having to route them to another server?

IPs from a block that has been split can be parked and reused at a later date. Parked IP addresses will be charged $3.00 per IP address per month.

How do I cancel my IPs?

From your Control Panel, under "Manage your IPs". To cancel blacklisted IPs, you will first need to take the necessary action with different entities in order to resolve the status of your IPs.